Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's a boy! Es baron!

Bienvenido Mateo Espinoza!  

Born September 20, 2011 at 9:41am.  
7 lbs.  5 oz. 
20.5 inches long

Here just a few minutes old.
Mama and baby are doing fine.   
More pics and birth story to come.


  1. crrrry baby crrrry baby!! :)

  2. Most of my blog comments go through facebook. i copied over to save all the sweet comments. Thanks everyone. We are sooooo happy!

    Norma Navarro
    Garciglia muchas felicidades de nuevo,les mando un saludo y otro beso a Mateo ♥
    September 21 at 10:21am ·

    Margarita Maya
    September 21 at 10:44am ·

    Diane Boron Ward
    Beautiful! Congratulations!
    September 21 at 10:46am ·

    Susan Harris Sauerwine
    Oh my gosh - look at all that hair!! He's perfect, Cindy! Congratulations!!
    September 21 at 11:31am ·

    Melissa Martinez Cipriano Congratulations!! Hope you are feeling well. Let the fun begin! ;-)
    September 21 at 1:07pm ·

    Mary Wellman Gabriel
    He's beautiful! Congrats to all!
    September 21 at 1:47pm ·

    April Brenneman-Settembrine He is GORGEOUS! Congratulations & Enjoy- it really is the most amazing thing! I'm very excited for you :)
    September 21 at 2:39pm ·

    Joanne Savage
    It's the scariest happiest most overwhelmingly fabulous moment, that first look at your newborn. Congrats MOM!! Can't wait to watch you both grow. :)
    September 21 at 2:56pm ·

    Tavo Espinoza
    That's a good looking boy! Congrats Cindy, we're very excited and happy to have Mateo as the new member of the fam. Hope you're recovering nicely.
    September 21 at 6:28pm ·

    Barbie Britting Arnold
    congrats again!
    September 21 at 7:53pm ·

    Erin Espinoza
    Cindy he is so handsome. We are so happy for you! Hope you are recovering well and enjoying your precious boy:) lots of love to all of you.
    September 21 at 11:47pm ·

    Ana Maria
    Congratulations, Cindy!
    Thursday at 7:58am ·

    Lucy Rimondi
    congratulations Cindy and Ernesto on the safe arrival of your beautiful boy. Enjoy this time. Lots of love
    Thursday at 8:29am ·

    Tavo Espinoza more pics?
    Thursday at 12:55pm ·

    Stacey Curtis Haley Yay! Congratulations!
    Thursday at 9:38pm ·

    Angela Cutright Rankl
    Omg I love him! Congratulations!! I love you!!!!
    September 21 at 9:58am ·

    Theodore G Wellman
    congrats on the newest addition to your family.
    September 21 at 9:59am ·

    Lola Stevens
    felicidades. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO lo puedo creer ................ya eres mama Dios los bendiga a los dos por ese hermoso regalo.besitos amiga
    September 20 at 5:55pm

    Patricia Wines
    Congrats to the parents and welcome baby Mateo Espinoza...great choice of name! Hope mother and baby are doing well.
    September 20 at 5:38pm

    Kara Denise Doll Restorick
    A bouncing baby boy!! I love him already! Congratulations! So glad everything went well!
    September 20 at 5:09pm

    Margarita Maya
    awwwFelicitaciones a los 2. Me encanta el nombre. Mateo Espinoza....muchas bendiciones para Mateo :))

    Maritza Taylor
    Congrats!!! Tiene cara de niño grande jeje
    September 21 at 8:52am

    Jan Letourneau
    Congratulation Cindy and Ernesto and welcome baby Mateo! So glad everyone is doing great and cant wait to see more pictures.
    September 21 at 8:18am

    Laura Wellman Bowser
    Happy Birthday Mateo!

    Tina M. Willmore
    Congrats Cindy on your new little one.. Hope I get to meet him one day in San Diego when you guys are there!!! Glad everyone is safe and Healthy....

    Tessa Wellman
    he,s a keeper for sure and a beautiful little boy congrats and a big hug and kiss to all

    Treffry Caldwell
    A boy!! Welcome to the world, little Mateo
    September 20 at 9:18pm

    Kelli Schaffter
    well hello, little mouth!!! congrats to Cindy & Ernesto with my baby cousin Mateo! awwwwwww! ♥

    Karen Boron Hite
    Congrats on a beautiful baby boy! He's adorable!

    Roberto Ivan Quinn Plata
    muchas felicidades x tu hijo


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