Sunday, September 18, 2011

Stroller, Bassinet and Carset: Check!

Just a couple more days before baby arrives! We tried to get the apartment cleared out a bit more this weekend.   It is going to be just fine in our little place.

Remember a while ago, I bought the Arm's Reach Co-sleeper?  Well, I returned it.
Instead, I bought this little bassinet for $50 [on Craigslist]  and put it next to the bed. 

It comes with a moses basket [within the bassinet] and think it will work out great.  It will be nice to have something portable.  When I go to a friends house or for an overnight trip, this will be perfect.  Either bed would only last the baby a few months, so price, size and portability all played a part in my decision.  I am planning to change the fabric and add some memory foam to the bottom for added comfort. 

As far as a full size crib, I am still getting one.  I thought I was decided on the Baby Mod crib but I couldn't get this one out of my head.

I have always liked the Jenny Lind crib classic style.  It has a vintage feel and once I add some modern fabric, I think it is going to look fabulous! As it turns out it's delivery has been delayed until October. (Come on Target!)

Ernesto moved one of our leather chairs into the bedroom where I can relax and feed the baby.  It is not a rocker, but will have to do. 

Between Amazon, Target and Babies R Us, we have been receiving packages with baby supplies in the mail everyday.  We are saving all the boxes in the garage in hopes that we will be moving into a house someday soon.

After the xmas lighting season, we will say goodbye to my trusty Saab and buy a new car.  Dare I say...a "family car?" (Im not talking mini-van folks, because that would be way to practical for me, plus I have made fun of them for years so I just couldn't)  In the mean time, Ernesto cleaned up my car and fixed a few [of the many] things that have been broken for a long time.  He also detailed the inside.  I was flabbergasted by what a difference it made.  Who would've known that a clean car is much more enjoyable to drive. Ha! 
The car seat has been installed.  Ernesto read the manual AND looked up a video online to make sure it is installed correctly.  It is really important to get that double checked and make sure it is secure.  
We also picked up our BOB Revolution Stoller from REI.  How am I so excited about a stroller?!  I could push (and steer) this thing with one finger.  It is the perfect stroller for our walking/running lifestyle.  I plan on taking walks with the baby daily and with the uneven pavement, trails and brick sidewalks outside our door, this will do the trick! 
Because infants are not able to sit in these strollers for several months, we bought the converter piece for our  Chicco KeyFit car seat to sit inside the stroller.
The papi-to-be is very handy and had everything together in a matter of minutes.  Since we plan on walking to the hospital to have the baby, we may even use this to bring baby home.
As soon as I give the word, my  parents are hopping on a plane and coming down to stay with us and meet their newest grandchild.  My sister and brother-in-law will head down a few days after!  Everyone says to accept all the help you can get at the beginning, and I have NEVER been one to turn it down.   It's funny because in my head I am thinking, "Oh yay, my family is coming to visit, we are going to have so much fun."  I know I just can't fathom how tired I am going to be.  I don't think we will be able to sit up late laughing and playing cards every night...or will we**?
** I am not THAT naive.


  1. Oh my gosh, Cindy, that sounds like a PLAN! A pretty good one too. We can't wait. I'm packing!

  2. Oh love that bassinet! Memory foam is such a good idea too. I love how creative you are, and resourceful :0) Amazing. p.s. HAPPY BABY DAY!!!


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