Monday, September 19, 2011


The hospital bag is packed!
  • change of clothes
  • slippers (im a slippers girl)
  • toiletries
  • black licorice and other goodies from Lucy (thanks amiga!)
  • Baby book
  • Flip Video Camera
  • SLR camera
  • ipad 
  • swaddler and baby outfit
  • phone and charger
 If I forgot anything, don't tell me's too late.  I am going to bed and hoping to sleep a full 8 hours! We are walking to the hospital in the morning and hopefully meeting this baby before 10am!!!
My stomach is really stretched (but sans stretch marks! yay) and ready to release.
I cried 3x today after the doctor called to tell me what time to be there in the morning.   I guess that is when you could say my "labor" started.  The good thing is that it wasn't a painful labor, which is what I had hoped anyway. 

Ernesto and I did a lot of smiling, hugging and OMG-ing that we were going to be padres in less than 24 hours!  Let the games begin!

We decided to go to Highland Tap [in Virginia Highlands] for our "Last Supper."  Ernesto had prime rib and I had jumbo sea scallops.  We shared a jumbo lump crab cake and wedge salad to start!  It was really nice.  We ate earlier than we ever would have normally (7pm)....but these aren't "normal" times are they?
We will be posting pics on FB sometime after baby arrives tomorrow.  
Girl or Boy???? That is the question! 

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