Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekend Fun with Friends

Happy Monday!  What a great few days! Ernesto and I were with friends all weekend.  We had a birthday celebration Saturday and a cookout at Lucys yesterday.  Our "new" friends, Michael and Amanda were there too and they gave us a diaper cake!  Thanks guys!  (Although I am planning to use cloth diapers, these disposables will come in handy for traveling and when baby first comes home)

Will this be the last weekend of carefree living and no planning? 
My belly looks ready to burst right?  I have to say I will miss it when it's gone, being pregnant has   been really fun!

My friend Joanne was in Atlanta with her family for a few days too.  (We have been friends for over 12 years!!  We worked at the Delta ticket counter together in Columbus, OH and quickly became travel buddies.)  Friday, after meeting up at Flying Biscuit for breakfast we headed down the street to Zoo Atlanta in Grant Park. I have not been there in years, and it is really nice.  Its a small zoo, but there is a nice variety of animals, and the trails are all shaded with large trees and bamboo, a great stroll on a hot day.

Joanne and her husband Rick have a crazy cute daughter named Lucy.   It was fun watching her get excited with all the animals.  We were there 4 hours and really saw how toddlers can slow you down. Good thing we are rarely in a rush!

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