Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Decisions on Baby Gear

I know I should be doing more research as to what "baby stuff" I would like to buy, but honestly, it is a bit uninspiring since we do not have a house yet.  "Decorating the nursery" sounds like such fun, but I have to accept the possibility/probability that we will still be in our apartment when the little mexi-mouth is born.  

With the help of my mother and sister, my sweet sister-in-law, Barbie, is heading up the "planning committee" for my baby shower coming up in July!  This is really exciting,  because Barbie is one of the best party-throwers out there.  If you remember last year I shared her daughters one year birthday party here on Viva Cindy.  It was so beautiful!  She was all about the "details" and it did not go unnoticed!  Everyone was very impressed! (no pressure Barb)

With the shower coming up in Ohio, and another in San Diego later this summer, I really need to get started with a registry....but it is TOUGH!  Moms, would you agree?  A first time mom-to-be is in a precarious position.  All you have is the advice of others.  Whether you get it from friends, family, blogs or forums, everyone has there own preferences, and everyone's child is different......soooo in the end you need to just jump, get some essentials and use trial and error once your bundle of joy arrives.

I am going to ask a few [recently new] moms to send me a list of their "top 10 must haves for newborn."  Im not a big minimalist, but when it comes to baby stuff, minimalism will be my goal.  I want to buy just what I need (due to space limitations) and add on from there.   If you have a list, please leave in the comments of Viva Cindy, or send me an email!

From the little research I did do on my own,  I am 99% decided on the following few items: 

1.  The Bob Revolution Stroller
Although the BOB is pricey, I have not read a bad review for it.  I know it's heavy, I know it's not compact, I know an infant can't sit in this, but I still think it is a good fit for us! 
Bob Revolution Stroller
Besides the many features that come standard, it has a converter so the car seat fits right in (for the first 5-6 months) just like a "travel system."  The front wheel can be fixed or not, so its great for running or tooling around on sidewalks, trails, dirt and gravel which is exactly where I intend to use this bad boy.   Since I am able to walk from my place to the doctor, the grocery store and many restaurants, I don't foresee our baby being in the car all that often.  When baby is really little I am hoping to keep him/her close to us in a carrier whenever possible.  I was thinking I can buy one of those Graco Snap & Go stroller bases to keep in the trunk.  This way my car seat will fit into either stroller.

2.  ERGO Baby Carrier 
Geez! There are so many carriers out there.  Baby Bjorn seems to be the most popular, however a friend of mine said she had BB and the ERGO and the ERGO won hands down. (thanks Aileen!)  She said it provides much more support with the lower strap (hence the name ergo).  I don't want Neto to hurt his back!
ERGO Carrier

3. BOON Flare Highchair
I ran across the BOON highchair on one of the blogs I frequent and instantly fell in love.  Mothers seem to love it for it's easy cleaning, one piece construction, and obviously for the style factor.  It's straight out of the Jetsons!  The height can be adjusted and the tray removed so you have a little toddler chair to pull up to the table when the time comes!  I love this thing!  I don't need right away, but it is on my list as a must have.
BOON Flare Highchair

3. Baby Mod Olivia Crib
This Olivia crib caught my eye before I was even "with child."   I had bookmarked it after seeing somewhere in the blogosphere.  I really love the clean modern lines and the 2 toned wood.  
Baby Mod Olivia Crib
I am 99% sure I want this crib.... IF I buy one brand new one.  I am also inspired to buy a used one off Craigslist and paint it a non-traditional color.  I have seen so many cute examples on the web.
We will see.  If we are in our apartment in September,  I wont be setting up a crib anyway.  I will buy a bassinet for our bedroom.

This is what I have come up with so far.  I know I need many more things, and like I said earlier, if you have a list of your must haves for newborn, please leave them in the comments.

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