Wednesday, June 01, 2011


Our trip to Thailand started a bit rough.  We were seated in coach class from Atlanta to [Narita] Japan.  The moment we got situated in our middle seats [not together obviously], we actually debated getting off the plane and going the next day.  This is one good example of why I do not like having set plans/reservations.  Because I had bought a plane ticket from Bangkok to Phuket for the next day and booked a hotel using our Starwood points, we decided it was too much hassle to reschedule and suffered through the 12 hour plane ride.  To add insult to injury, when we arrived in Japan the [once a day] flight to Bangkok had been canceled! I had to reschedule everything anyway!

One the bright side, we were able to get a hotel close to the airport and with in walking distance to the Park.  Our room at the Kikusui Hotel was small but cozy and had a cute little restaurant in the lobby where I enjoyed a big bowl of noodles for dinner.  Waiting for us on the bed were two soft cotton kimono robes.  We made some tea and looked into what we could explore the next day (our flight was not until 6pm).  
The day came very early too.  It was we woke up to bright light and were shocked to find out it was only 4:30am!!  I rearanged our flights/hotel, we checkout out (and left our bags at the counter) and were off by foot.  The Naritasan Park was just 15 minutes away and was the perfect place to give us a taste of Japan.  The park has trails winding though beautiful Japanese gardens, koi ponds and is home to the huge Buddhist temple Naritasan Shinshoj and several pagodas.  Here are a few photos:

We had to have sushi in Japan, right?  While walking around we stopped at this little street side shop and ordered a few rolls.  With the language barrier, we weren't sure what we were ordering, but I was able to convey that I wanted vegetarian. 
Back at the airport, we were excited to get on our first 747 airplane.  That thing is a BEAST!  Business class was great and we enjoyed dinner and a good nap during the 6 hour flight to Bangkok. 
We arrived at 11pm, but even then the journey was not complete.  We had another flight in the morning to Phuket.  Luckily we found two leather couches to sleep on in the Royal Silk check-in at the airport:)
Next stop? Phuket!!!

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