Monday, June 27, 2011

Babies R [NOT] Us

Ernesto took this picture of me last week and I thought, wow! my belly looks a lot bigger in clothes 
(as opposed to my weekly belly shots). Don't you think?
{Last week at Piedmont Park}
I have a feeling, there will be no chance of it looking small from here on out.  I will start getting some different angles of 'the belly' in clothes for the next few months.

In other news:
The other day I received the invite to my Ohio baby shower in the mail.    My sister in law, Barbie, made all of them by hand, and I literally squealed with pleasure when I opened it.
It is so pretty and so.....Cindy!  Thank you so much Barbie for thinking of what I would like.  They are perfect!  The colors, the birdies...and feathers too??  LOVE IT!!

Because the shower is coming up in a just a couple weeks, (and another in San Diego a couple weeks after that) I knew I had better get going with a registry.  I asked for suggestions from moms out there on Facebook and they came back with a nice long list.  (Thanks ladies!)

I honestly thought my whole registry could be finished after browsing Target [online].  Target has some very stylish lines, and let's face it, Im not the most practical girl in the does matter to me.   I want stuff that will make my life easier as a mom, but I want to like what it looks like as well.  

Target actually has everything that I want/need, but much of it is not available in-store.  Unfortunately, the reality is,  many of my family members are probably not online shoppers, so I opted to register at Babies R Us too.   Saturday morning I made the trek to the store [just outside Atlanta] and brought Ernesto with me....a family outing of sorts.

After one lap around, we knew that Babies R [NOT] Us.  Don't get me wrong, Babies R Us has everything you need, and much more [that you may or may not need].  I found some essentials here, but the design of the bigger items left much to be desired...and the prices just made it worse.  Turns out the website has a much bigger selection, I just can't figure out why they don't show these varied styles in store??
Must. find. stylish. gear. (without the big price tag!)
It's time to get creative folks.....3 months left...and the countdown begins!

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