Thursday, June 16, 2011

End of 2nd Trimester Photoshoot

My lovely niece Kelli, and her awesome boyfriend Avi, stopped in Atlanta to visit us on their little summer road trip.  We had a great time cooking, walking around Atlanta, eating ice cream, and working out.  We introduced them to a few tough Crossfit workouts and they did great!  We had to wear these "kids" out so they would be tired with us at 10pm. Ha!  Guess what?  It worked!!

Kelli will be a junior at The Ohio State University, and is a very talented of her passions is photography, so we decided to do a little mini-photo shoot this morning before they got on the road back to Ohio.  This week ends my 2nd trimester, I thought it was a good time to get some pictures of my belly....before it really gets huge.  (Don't worry, I'll be sure to photograph that as well!)

I love how they turned out!  Thanks so much Kelli!!
In this last one, I am pushing out my belly as far as I can!  It should look like this in another month!

** photos taken on Krog and Irwin Streets in The Old 4th Ward

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