Friday, June 24, 2011


"OF COURSE I have heard of Pinterest,"  I told my friends when they asked! It is only the best way to catalog all of the photos you love online!   I have been putting off starting my own account, because I have SO MANY inspiration photos saved on my computer that it seemed overwhelming to try and find the sources again and post to my new Pinterest account.  However, slowly but surely, I am adding them.
The site is set up for browsing.....and browse you will.
WARNING:  This site can be a time sucker!
If you are looking for ideas or inspiration on decorating, crafting, cooking, and design, then this is the place for you.  You can search what others have "pinned" to their boards and of course add pictures from any site you see online.  A great way to organize all of your inspiration.  I don't have a lot posted yet, but feel free to check out my "boards" so far.

In case you didn't notice, my right sidebar looks quite different.  I have been messing around with Photoshop and made several badges.  Pinterest is one of them, so feel free to bounce over and check it out!

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