Monday, June 13, 2011

The Weekend: Scott's Antique Market

Hi Everyone! I hope you had a nice weekend.  Mine was relaxing, hanging out with friends, shopping and walking/house hunting with Ernesto. (nothing yet...)

On Saturday, Smita, Lucy, Liz and I went to check out Scott's Antique Market.  Ernesto and I went a looooong time ago when it was still at Fort McPherson.  It's now located south of Atlanta in Jonesboro at the Atlanta Expo Center.  Held on the 2nd weekend of every month, the market is an event.  It is so big, it took us 4 hours and we only got through one building.
Ernesto's last words as I stepped out of the house with my girlfriends was "Don't bring home and shit!" ha!
I did see several things I wanted to bring home, but I resisted, because really I don't have anywhere to put new things. I will, however, be coming back to Scott's with a truck once we buy our house.

It's probably harder when you have a certain something in mind. For example lucy wanted a milk glass cake stand and an old gold watch.  Seh didn't find either.  I wasn't looking for anything specific, but I went home with more inspiration for decorating.  Like I need any more.....
LOVE this chandelier!  And the one below, wouldn't it be sweet in the baby's room?
One vendor had a huge stack of coffee bags from around the world.  Only $5 each.  I have been seeing tons of upholstery projects using burlap.  Wouldn't this make a great footstool?
Once we have an extra room for our office/my jewelry studio, I am buying one of these old map drawers! 
I saw this white one and was sad that I couldn't get it....although the price needed to be bargained down from $300 asking price. 
I am always on the lookout for rugs and Im in love with antique persians (or replicas) This one was a perfect mix of orange, pinks and gold, which you don't see as often as all the shades of red. (not my color) It was a fair price too at $100.
This wire chair would look so great with my little sheepskin over it.
I would love to redo this tufted bench with a bright color. Vendor was asking $90 but I'm sure whe would have come down.  You must bargain!
These chairs were the coolest.  I nver did get a price which is probably a good thing.  They were heavy, I would say solid brass and the leather was soft.  I think they are so unique.  I love the greek key shaped arms.
Of course the tulip chairs caught my eye, but these, along with much of the mid-century pieces I saw there, were quite expensive.  With constant stalking on Craigslist  though, you can find some good pieces for less!
There were also a TON of vendors with jewelry.  There was inexpesive [but fun] costume jewelry and then there were all the antique dealers.  I scanned those booths for Art Deco pieces and this caught my eye.
A platinum Art Deco beauty from the 1920's-30's.  It has 3 center diamonds and sapphire accents.  You know we are having a sapphire baby, right??? Wouldn't this be a great gift for the new mother?  This is definately the shape I am looking for, but I would rather have one or two of the center stones be sapphire instead of diamonds.  (just in case you are reading this mi amorrrrrrr :)

If you live in Atlanta,or close to it, you will want to check out Scott's!  It's the second weekend of everymonth.  You can find all the info on their website.

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