Monday, May 30, 2011



We are back!! Our trip to Thailand was unbelievable and so worth the time spent sitting on an airplane.  We arrived in Atlanta yesterday at 3pm like zombies;  the 24 hour trip had done us in.  After stuffing ourselves with some delish pizza we were in bed and slept soundly.....until 330am today when we were both wide awake.  Ha!  Oh the jet lag!

Thailand was a perfect way to celebrate our 10 year anniversary.  It was modern, old, extravagant, rustic, adventurous, relaxing, romantic and exotic.  It was all we expected and so much more.  The beaches were beautiful.  The food was extraordinary.  The sights were awesome.  The people warm and friendly.  The massages- devine. 

Im sure I have said this before, but Ernesto is the BEST.  TRAVEL PARTNER.  EVER!  Inevitably,  there are unexpected changes that pop up when traveling and the last thing I want is to be with someone who stresses out about it.  I needed a partner that could travel like I did...and I found him 12 years ago!  I love how he stays positive and rolls with the punches.  Flexibility = good trip!

This trip didn't pass without a few bumps in the road...but we tried to focus on the bright side!

*  Flight canceled from Japan to Thailand on outbound... but we got to explore Japan for 24 hours.
*  Spent 3 hours on the phone rescheduling flights and hotel reservations....but it all worked out!
*  2 out of 4 Delta flights sitting in coach (ugh!)... but the flights were CHEAP!
*  Lost my point and shoot camera... but this forced me to carry my big camera (ie: better pictures)
*  Swollen feet from so much walking... but this gave me reason to get wonderful Thai massages. 
*  Left our [one and only] souvenir on a bus...but we have a funny story about how we retrieved it. 

I can't wait to tell/show you all about our trip!  I have over 700 photos to sort through.  Picking the best ones will take me a while, but I will be posting to Viva Cindy soon!   

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