Friday, July 27, 2012

Bienvenido a San Diego!

Greetings from San Diego!  I am really loving it here right now.  The weather could not be more perfect.  Blue skies, sun and a cool breeze.  It is so warm during the day (not disgusting sweaty hot) and I actually felt a slight chill in the air as we sat outside in the evening.  What a [welcome] change from Atlanta!

Getting here was a little crazy.  We squeezed on the 8pm flight by the skin of our teeth and thought for sure Mateo would be sleeping for the duration.  After all his bedtime is 730p!  NOT!
I think if you look up "wiggle worm" in the dictionary you will see this:

Since the flight was full, Ernesto and I didn't sit anywhere close to each other.  This little guy could not sit still for a minute.  He was so tired, but there were way too many distractions for sleeping.  I was sweating just trying to control him.  Ha! Funny now - not then.  As soon as that seat belt light went off I marched up to Ernesto's seat and said "your turn."
He got our baby to sleep and he slept until we got to Ernesto's parents house where the welcoming committee awaited! 

Anyhoo, considering the 3 hour time change, I think our perfect baby has adjusted quite well.  So far the wake up time has been 4am...but hey that is 7am "Atlanta time" and that never happens! After a couple hours in the morning...the boys are back in bed and I got out of blog!
 So long to our vegan diet!  (separate post coming on our vegan challenge) Meat, chicken, dairy and eggs have all been consumed (and enjoyed!)  As a matter of fact, our first breakfast consisted of machaca burritos (beef) and cheescake! Yum!
The first carne asada of our visit was yesterday at the "Hotel Espinoza."  Their back yard is a great example of California's outdoor living.

Abuela had a couple kiddie pools set up in the grass. 

I am so grateful to have family out here.  Sunday, Mateo will take his first trip out of the country for a family reunion.  Mexico, here we come!

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