Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bedroom Painted and Fabric World

Before my parents came to visit last week, we vowed to get one more project done.  Painting the bedroom was as good as any.  I had actually purchased the paint weeks before.   After 6 months of these three samples staring back at me,  I bit the bullet.  The middle color it is.
martha stewart cement gray paint
Yep, another one by Martha Stewart.  This medium to dark color is called "cement gray" and I am very pleased with it.   I used a flat finish and it looks so rich, almost like suede. 
martha stewart paint cement gray
{martha stewart paint - cement gray}
The white trim looks great against the dark gray.  We hung white curtains to keep it looking fresh.  Luckily we get a ton of natural light during the day, so it never looks too dark, just cozy at night. Perfect.  Seriously, I'm loving this color!
 I have my orange West Elm rug and my green campaign dresser in my room now so there is no shortage of color.  My nightstands turned tv console (currently in the living room) may come upstairs.  Maybe not.  I have my grandma's vintage ginger jar lamps .  Im thinking I need to try DIY artwork (abstract of course).
Yes,  I need to make an inspiration board.

After a trip to Fabric World the other day, I am definitely feeling inspired to make my upholstered headboard.   I keep waffling on the shape.  No waffling on the fabric though.  I found this gray velvet for $4/yard!!!  Uh-huh. I know.  These are the deals you get at this place though, so if you are in the Atlanta area, it is worth the drive [to Stone Mountain].
This trellis (?) fabric was purchased as well.  What for? Probably to sit in a basket with my other beautiful fabrics.  But I had to have it.  It is thick upholstery fabric so would be great for an ottoman or bench.   I had to resist buying many more fabrics that I don't really have a need for.  Every time I go to this place I think about buying fabrics to sell online.   I have so much fun shopping, it would be great if it was my job:)  Would you be interested in buying one of these great fabrics? 


  1. Very nice! I've been thinking of going a dark brown (same shade as your gray), but brown just doesn't seem en vogue right now.

  2. Do you still have 3 yard of the fabric in the first pic?


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