Monday, July 23, 2012

Shop Goodwill Online?!

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a great weekend.  We went to a small birthday party for our neighbor at a Mexican place Saturday (we ate vegan tocos and they were great!) and Sunday walked to our little farmers market and took Mateo swimming at our friends pool. Lots of fun!

In other news, yesterday I stumbled upon a website that could be serious trouble for me.  Goodwill has an online auction site.   The only person who might like this more than me is my sister, a self-proclaimed Goodwill addict.
Within 5 minutes of finding this site, I registered and put a bid out on this beauty.

It was only at $21 with several hours left to go.  Funny enough it was listed in San Diego....and we just happen to be going there this week!  I could pick it up and save on the shipping!  I put a bid in for $25 but alas I was beat by $1! UGH!   The auction ended and forgot to put another bid in. Yes this beauty sold for just $26.  Im so bummed that I missed out.  That would've been a serious score.
Here are some other interesting things I saw. 

This coat: Currently at $81..leather and fur (so not vegan, I know!)

this gold watch: currently at $26. Beautiful and vintage looking.
this gorgeous persian rug is currently at $56 .. I really want this one.  (mom, if you ever see a rug like this while thrifting please get it for me ok?)
this sheep skin (4x8) is only $11? hello? draped over a chair??
this 1950's aqua glass pitcher with gold would look fabulous on a bar cart.
this jadite juicer is so cool and would come in handy when we make ceviche!

Attention shoppers in Akron Ohio...this red fur coat would be so perfect for your cold winters! There is actually a matching red dress under the coat.  2 pieces! You could pick it up and avoid shipping charges. Gorgeous!  Can you say Mad Men?
This awesome antique mirror would look great above a mantel. seems like I could go on forever.  I just thought I would pass this on for all you bargain hunters out there.  I will be definitely be adding this site to my favorites!  What about you? Any interest?

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  1. Well, gee thanks. I so needed another way to spend my money...


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