Friday, July 06, 2012

More Ohio Visitors!

A big thanks to my parents for making another visit (and bringing Aunt Margie this time!).  They arrived the last day of the month to make sure they got in their June and July visit.  (they have seen Mateo every month since he was born)
Since they drove their van, they were able to deliver my $5 chairs from the garage sales back in May! Paul's Shuttle has never let me down.   The chairs are even better than I remembered them.  I'm loving the dark wood and velvet.  (oh! if only my hardwood floors were this color instead of red)
Not sure where their permanent home will be, but they have been sitting in front of the fireplace for a week, and that is just fine for now. (Anything that distracts from that blah tile)
Mateo started waving last Sunday and a week before that he started clapping.  Needless to say, it has been extra fun at our house.  (he also learned biting, which is not as fun)
I can just kiss him all day long.  He was loving having grandma & grandpa around.  Grandma can make him laugh at the drop of a hat and grandpa has squealing contests with him.  For the record, Mateo can squeal higher and louder than grandpa.
Although it was nearly 100 degrees all week, we still got outside (mostly in the mornings).
We went walking at the Olympic Track,  Grant Park farmers market, Piedmont Park splash park, and the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.   I snapped this pic of my mom and aunt while in the same position.  Cute, right?
{gardening queens at botanical gardens}
{keeping cool at Piedmont's splash park}

{relaxing in the shade at Piedmont Park}
The rest of the week we stayed inside, ate delicious food and played cards. Such is life at the relaxing 
house.  Let me know if you'd like to pay us a visit.

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