Wednesday, August 01, 2012

My Mexi-can in Mexico

Mateo is getting an earful of Spanish here with the Espinoza's,  and actually made his first trip [of many to come] out of the country.  Viva Mexico!

We drove into Tijuana for a family reunion this past Sunday.  Talk about good just would not believe the size of the guacamole bowl.  I would estimate 25 avocados. 
 A photographer took pictures of each family. Here we are (minus just a few)
We walked back across the border at 11pm.  Walking is much quicker.  (Ernesto drove with a cousin and it took him almost 4 hours waiting in the line)
We made it across in 25 minutes and as you can see in the background, we had live music!
Mateo was quite a hit with all the family.   
Guero!  Uh-huh.
Que guapo! Yep.
Que bonito! Yes!
Hermoso! Yeah, I think so too!

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