Friday, November 05, 2010

Fit Fridays: INSANITY

Ok, here is the deal.  Last year when Ernesto and I started getting busy with the Christmas Lights, we didn't stick to any kind of workout schedule.  This was understandable for him, but me?  Why didn't I work out?  I really like working out in the outdoors, and when the crappy weather rolled in, I lost my desire to get out and DO SOMETHING. 

This year I am not going to let that happen!  My bother and sister and niece have been doing the 60 day challenge of INSANITY and told me it is a great workout!  I was hesitant to start it on principal alone, I mean, there is an info-mmercial for this thing.   And although I am in disbelief of any workout that promises dramatic results in a short time,  I thought this program could work perfectly for our xmas light season.  It's indoors and I can do anytime when I have an hour to spare between estimates.  Sure, I'll give it a try, why not?  The most important thing for me [regarding my 20 years of fitness] is that I feel good when I DO SOMETHING.  Laziness does not suit me.
I started on Monday Nov 1, and after 6 workouts, I must say, INSANITY is a damn good workout!  Im already sweating MAO after the 10 minute warm up. (I do sweat a lot anyway)  The workouts are about 40 minutes long, and if you are not in shape, you will struggle to keep up.  I consider myself to be in very good shape, and I fell behind with a few tough moves. (going from ski abs to in-and-outs) I will do 6 consecutive days of workouts and one rest day....for 60 days!  The question is:  Will I get ripped like the hot-ass instructor Shaun T?  Only time will tell. 
Ok, after saying all of the above, I have to let you know that I did not have pay for the set of DVD workouts, nor would I ever pay $130 for any workout.   Convenience is key for a life of habitual fitness and walking into my garage for Crossfit, or out on the street for a run for this last year has convinced me I don't ever need to pay for a gym membership.  

Will INSANITY work for you?  I don't know.  Do you have the discipline and motivation to workout 6 days a week for 60 days? If not, then no.  No, you won't see results.  But if you stick to it, Im sure that 40 minutes of cardio, 6 days a week will yeild some kind of change.

Im sure so many people buy this program and never ask themselves that question, before buying.  And that, my friends....that is why we call them suckers.
 **In addition to the workouts, I have been drinking a gallon of water per day and have cut down on sugar [or eating sweets]. Maybe I should take a before and after body shot so I can be one of the next testimonials in the info-mmercial.


  1. I definitly would watch you on an infomercial!

  2. You should talk to my brother about Insanity; he went through the program some time last year.


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