Friday, November 19, 2010


I though I would pop in to say hi this week while I have a free minute. 
I have just finished up my 3rd week of the INSANITY workouts.  9 more to go.  9 more weeks and 6 days a week?!  UGH! That sounds horrible.

It is about the only "Cindy time" I can squeeze in lately. Ernesto and I are starting to get crazy busy.  My phone is ringing off the hook and I'm driving all over Atlanta giving estimates for Christmas light installation.  We have already surpassed last year's sales and we have another 4 weeks to go! woo-hoo! 

For me, the best time to do it is in the morning of course, before I start getting Christmas Light Pro calls for estimates. 
 My review of the INSANITY videos is the same as week one:  it's a great workout!  I am always drenched in sweat and feel good afterward.  I have to say though, that Im getting a little bit bored and quite sick of that feeling that my workout is hanging over my head all day.  I liked my old way.  If I didn't get my workout in, I didn't get it in.  But for some reason this workout, with the calendar prominently staring at me from the refrigerator, MUST. BE. CHECKED. OFF.  EACH. DAY.   I do love how the videos concentrate on your core.  INSANE RESULTS!  That is what Im shooting for. We will see what I look like in 6 more weeks!

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