Friday, November 12, 2010

Birthday Dinner at Holeman and Finch

You KNOW I have been busy this last week.  I haven't even had time to blog my birthday!!
What a nice birthday it was too!  Nothing too crazy, I mean, Im 37 now, ha!

I woke up Monday morning to freshly brewed coffee and my dear husband cooking breakfast.  This  tradition started several years ago and I love it.  Not only does he wake me with delicious smells, but with wonderful sounds.  He always plays "Las Mananitas" by Pedro InfantePedro Infante is quite frankly one of the most romantic Mexican singers ever.  (You can hit play and listen to a sample of this song here) Without fail, when I hear this song, I start crying.  It is so sweet.   Ernesto's parents always played it on the morning of his birthday and now he does it for me.  (Incidentally, Ernesto's dad can also sing this song like a pro)

Unfortunately, Neto had to run off to work that morning which left me all alone.  Boo-hoo!  I did have some xmas work to complete, but then I was able to hit TjMaxx with my girlfriend Livini.  I wanted to get my black leather birthday boots!! (Also a reward for a great show at Chastain Park Arts Festival over the weekend)  They are pretty awesome, right?
Cynthia Rowley leather boots
Ernesto said he was taking me to a new [to us] restaurant for dinner, a surprise.  God, I love surprises!  With my new black lace dress (thanks Smita!) new birthday boots on, I was ready to go!  I even dried my hair with a hairdryer (1st time in a year I believe)!  It is always a special treat to go out to eat.  We don't eat out too much - and Im not complaining- but when we do, it needs to be somewhere good.   

Enter Holeman & Finch.

I had never even heard of this restaurant.   Situated in the lower level of a high rise on Peachtree St in between Midtown and Buckhead, this place is a hidden gem.   Yes, Atlanta is a big city and has a ton of unbelievable restaurants, but this one really felt more like New York.  Maybe it was due of the tiny quaint dining area,  Im not sure exactly, but it has that cool factor.  

It was Monday night and it was full of patrons.  Like i said before, it is a small place, but lots of people is always a good sign.  Plus, I enjoy the constant hum of a chattering crowd. When you walk in, you are facing a glass wall that offers a view into the kitchen where cured meats hang from the ceiling.  Since we didnt have a reservation we headed to the bar until a table became available.  Love it.  Its the experience, right?  We weren't in a rush and I like to have a drink and appetizer before hand.
How about some duck prosciutto, sorpressata and hungarian boar served with a bleu gouda cheese, persimmon spread and house made pickled onions?  
There are only about 12 dining tables and ours was no bigger 12x15 table.  This could explain the portion sizes.  Luckily they way we always eat at any good restaurant, is by ordering several things and sharing so we can taste more of the dishes.  We started off with the tuna tartare, something I must order if it is on a menu.  My favorite is from Serpas (and I had it the following night when Smita took me there for my birthday) but this tuna gave it a run for it's money.  Served with shoestring fries on top, it was scrumptious.
Something that Holeman & Finch is known for is "burger time" at 10pm every night. 
"Each night, 24 exquisite, double patty cheeseburgers are assembled on house-made buns and served alongside hand-cut fries and homemade ketchup, mustard and pickles—only 24.  Some nights they sell out in under a minute. "   This picture says it all.
(**All above photos from Home & Finch website)

After all those beautiful food pictures, I hate to post my own, but it has to be shown.  This is the most unusual dish we have ordered in a while.  On the menu it is called " schnitzeled lamb frieswhich could be a bit deceiving since what they really are serving is lamb testicles
The persimmon glaze was wonderful, but I must say I was not a fan of the gritty, game tast of the testicles.  Ernesto ate all of it and proceeded to tell the waiter "she likes my balls better" ...what???

When we got home, it was present time!!! 
I am in love with my long and fluffy Turkish bath robe!  Just what I wanted. 
I will get so much use out of this thing.  If I am home, I am wearing lounge clothes and this will be worn on top all winter.  It already has some snags in it from little Titi, but I don't mind.  Thanks mi Amor for a wonderful birthday!


  1. what did i say about your cat's name?????? it looks like you had a great birthday cindy! way to go neto!

  2. sounds like Monica may have a similar opinion as Sean??? The evidence is mounting! Looks so fun, and I expect to see you, in the robe, cuddling the kitty all winter long!!


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