Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Christmas Light Pros of Atlanta: At Your Service!

The Christmas Light Pros want to help our customers enjoy the season by not having to deal with the hassle of Christmas lights.  Lights are cut specifically to their home and professionally installed.  After each installation, timers are set up so the customer doesn't have to touch anything all season.  In January we come to pack everything up neatly for the next year.

Going on our 7th year in Atlanta, our customer base is growing at a steady rate (thanks to a great business manager, thank you very much).  I can't take all of the credit though, our great customers have given us so many referrals.  Referrals don't just happen either.  It helps that Ernesto is just so darn likable and easy going that people trust him (as they should)! The friendly customer service that he has provided over the years has built strong relationships.  That has been so important in building our business and our reputation.  A big thank you to all CLP customers! 

I have a few pictures (albeit not great pictures) to share of some houses we have done.   I will work on getting more, and taking them with good camera and tripod.  (very important for pictures at night)
Although the majority of our customers use white lights to decorate, some go bold and I really love the color.  Its Christmas Vacation fun!
Wrapping trees with mini lights is highly requested with our customers.  On this job below,  6 trees in the front yard were wrapped up to 40 feet.  Notice how high the ladders are leaning.  The crew was up there like monkeys.  I will have to get a picture of these in the dark, they are showstoppers. 

Above, the crew outlined the gutter line, gables and the dormers on this house and it looks spectacular, don't you think?  Sometimes though, customers don't want lights on the roof, like this house below. The homeowner opted for pre-lit wreaths in most of the window and wrapping a few trees. It turned out beautiful, but again Ill have to show you a picture at night so you can really get the effect. 

Here is another house that did just wreaths and trees.  It looks so welcoming and festive.
How are you decorating your house for the holidays?
Contact the The Christmas Light Pros if you are in Atlanta if you need help this year!

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