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About a month ago Ernesto and I watched the movie "This is 40"  Have you guys seen it?  It is from the directors of 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up, and it was funny.
 Take a look at the trailer:

I could definitely relate to this movie and we both had some LOL moments. It's on Netflix.  Watch it.

Am I supposed to feel something now that Im 40?  It's been over a week now and I don't feel anything.   Wait, I lie.   I feel excited.  I feel grateful.  I feel extremely lucky to be living my life.

Don't get me wrong.  Life is not perfect.  We have been going through some tough transitions at Casa Espinoza with a certain two year old (worthy of a whole blog post).  My patience is being pushed to the limit tested daily and I feel like Im failing  getting a C- in this class.  I haven't been working out and Ernesto keeps bringing sweet shit in our house which is a constant reminder of how little discipline I really have. (stop it mi amor!)

But I'll still stick with my initial 40 year old mantra. You are lucky Cindy, you are lucky girl.

By the way, my friend and I were discussing, at what age do you become a lady instead of a girl? I still feel like a girl, but I think that I tend to say lady when talking about someone older than 40.  Ugh!

Anyhoo, on to the big 4-0 deets!!

I guess I should have suspected a surprise for my 40th birthday, right?  Thursday afternoon, Mateo had just woken up from his siesta and my phone rang.  It was my parents on Facetime.  My dad said they were out taking a walk.  My dad just got an iphone, so I didn't think anything of it.  But then they turned the phone away from their faces over to MY FRONT PORCH!!!
We ran outside!  I was so excited and totally surprised!  That is the best!
Have I ever told you that I love surprises?

Later that day I found a package on my front porch.  It was from my brother and the card read:

My gift? This flannel zip-up housecoat [fit for an 80 year old]  He thought he was being funny, but I actually like it. Ha!  The joke is on you Puckwaa! Well, admittedly, Im not crazy about the pattern, but the functionality is spot on.  It's soft, it's warm and the zipper allows for easy access when nursing.  That complies with all my "cozy clothes" criteria.  I'll wear it!  Who do I see in my house all day anyway?  This little guy won't make fun of me. Yet.

Just so you are not confused by my brothers note, I am 40, not 41.  He has been adding one year to my age for 11 years now. When I turned 29, I got a "happy 30th" card, when I was 30, it was a "happy 31st" card, and so on.  11 years!!  Get it straight Puckwaa!

Ernesto started a tradition long ago with playing the song Las MaƱanitas and serving breakfast in bed on my birthday.  These days though I have a two kids in my bed.  He did keep with traditions by playing the "birthday song," and this year my birthday breakfast was a cucaracha.  Sauteed tortillas layered with ham and cheese covered in salsa. Que. Rico. (recipe here)

A month back when we visited my Brrrian in Asheville, my mom and I went to Goodwill and I spotted this big painting for just $20 including the frame.  Instantly I thought, yes! This is the big piece I need for my art wall.  It's an original and I liked her funny looking butt.

I second guessed it though (my mom was not a fan) and left the store without it.  Two days later in Atlanta, I knew I wanted it.  I asked Brrrian to go back and get it for me and it was gone. Ugh!
Of course someone bought it.  It was awesome and big and just $20!!

So on my birthday morning Brrrian (who is staying with us for the Christmas season helping Neto) gives me this card.
What? Look on your wall?! I jumped out of my chair and there she was...hanging on my wall.
Talk about surprises!  Again, I should've suspected, but I had no idea. 
(What? I told you I was going to wear that housecoat.)
The painting is not staying there, but I have been enjoying it nonetheless.  So glad she is mine.  Thanks again Brrrian!!

The birthday fun didn't stop.  My mom and I dropped Mateo off at school (so weird to say that!) and headed to Homegoods.  My mom gave me a credit for my birthday.  Free money, thanks mom!  That meant I could buy frivolous things that I don't need.  I decided my theme would be cocktail party and proceeded to pick out things that will probably never get used for a nice little holiday soiree after the lights, say mid December?  Want to come?  Come on, that deer head bucket?? There must be a party!

Speaking of party...I really thought we were going to go out for dinner while Brrrian watched the boys [sleep].  Ernesto had a nice afternoon surprise for me.  He told me to be ready at 1pm, because my dad was going to take me somewhere.  Oh! and dress nice, he adds.  I initially thought spa, but the "dress nice" bit threw me off.  Low and behold, my dad dropped me off in front of Spa Sydell in Buckhead, and I had a massage, a facial and my nails done.  Three hours of relaxation.  Such a treat!
The "dress nice" part was because I would be coming home to a party. Duh!  I swear I was not suspecting of any of these surprises, and they were all so predictable.

Neto had the food catered and bought a carrot cake from Highland Bakery. It did not suck!!

A keg of my favorite beer tapped by my favorite little two year old and they party got started!

I only had three beers, but Sweetwater IPA is no joke.  I felt good, but didn't drink enough to have a hangover.  What a responsible 40 year old I've turned into.
The next morning I had an appointment to chop my hair.  New age, new look. Plus, the winter is coming and that means dreadlocks for this girl.  Don't ask me why, but my hair knots up just from laying on my sweaters.  So annoying.  It had to go.  I was inspired by this picture taken in India back in 2007 (more pics here) and showed my stylist this picture.

Of course it didn't really turn out the same.  It looks so much cuter in India.  Of course everything looks better in a turquoise sari.  The blondie was pretty too, right?  But, alas, now Im 40.  Now I have grey "highlights." And the roots maintenance on blonde hair?  Ain't nobody got time for that

Before and After
It's shorter than I wanted, but my hair grows fast, so Im not too worried.  (annoyed? yes, worried? no)
I did have a few moments though where I caught a glimpse of myself and I feared I had a soccer mom haircut.  Say it isn't so....

I took this "selfie" just to show you what my hair will really look like on a daily basis.  No hairdryer, no product, no flatiron.  Ain't nobody got time for that either!  For better or worse, this is my 40 year old haircut.
Seriously, Im totally fine with 40.  Life is good.


  1. You are amazing!!! I'm glad you had such a wonderful birthday full of surprises. You have a great perspective (and housecoat!) I love yeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  2. Brrrrrrrrrrrrian11/20/2013 6:54 AM

    As difficult as it has been to make this comment on you blog, I want you to officially know that I am happy that you had a wonderful time on your birthday. I am glad I was there to share the day with you. I also really enjoyed reading this with my evening paperwork!!

    1. So glad you were there too Brrrian!! Thanks again for the awesome art!


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