Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Craigslist for the Win!

Good things come to those who wait stalk Craigslist.

I spent a couple weeks kicking myself after selling my Milo Baughman dining chairs at a knock-off price.  I didn't know what kind of chairs I wanted next, but I knew if I kept stalking they would appear. For the last four months, we have been sitting on folding plastic chairs, but I wasn't going to rush into anything.  Patience grasshopper.

Sunday afternoon, I was trolling and came across this ad while searching my usual "chrome chairs"

The burl wood table was awesome, but it was the little glimpse of the chrome chairs that got me excited.  I love the chrome sled bases and that they are arm chairs.  I immediately thought they would need to be recovered.  Although I love gray, I felt like they looked a bit too officey.

What about navy blue or emerald green velvet outdoor fabric?  My imagination was going full throttle and I just hoped they were still available.  They were listed that same day.  I emailed right away about buying the chairs separately and the guy told me $100 for all 6...Score! Done and done.  I said I would be there in the am to pick them up.   

Of course I couldn't tell Ernesto that I was going to get chairs that I had found on CL, but it would've been nice to have his truck.  I could only fit 3 of the chairs in my car, so I still have to go pick up the other three.  

The seller was retired, getting rid of everything and moving to the south of France with his wife.  Nice!  I was pleasantly  surprised that the chairs didn't seem as sterile in person, and in fact look great in my dining room.  (I will, however need to start searching for a dining table to go with them)  I still would like to recover them with some color, but at least they are in good shape and blend in nicely for now.  
I had them sitting around the table when Ernesto got home from work.  He went to sit down on his computer, reached for a chair and said "what is this?" Luckily he likes them.  A lot. And so do I.  

I think these chairs are here to stay, but if I change my mind (as I often do) you better believe I won't let these babies go cheap!

I checked the bottom of these chairs and they have the same label as my other ones.  "Design Institute of America."  And they were made in Ohio!  

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  1. Omg! Those chairs are amazing!! And you know I love burl. Great score!!


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