Friday, November 01, 2013

Trick or Treatin'

Trick or treat! Last year we didn't take Mateo out for Halloween.  He wouldn't have known what was going on yet, and he surely didn't need to candy.  Fast forward one year and he needs candy even less, but knew the object of the game was to get as much candy as possible in his bucket.  A couple houses had bowls of candy sitting out on the porch and instead of taking one he took a handful [or two].
Definitely something I would've done/did do as a kid.

It took him several houses to warm up, but he got the hang of it and was marching up on porches all by himself.

Unfortunately he would not keep the hood up in his monkey suit.  Oh, you couldn't tell he was a monkey?  No one else could either.  To his credit, it was quite warm out and he was working up a sweat in that thing Im sure.
He wasn't into saying "trick or treat," but he was quick to say "gracias" to everyone.  So cute.

There was a group of 12 of us.  Mateo's neighbor friend Gavin was in a vintage clown outfit.  I wish I had better/non blurry pics of these little guys in their costumes, but they were moving too fast for my iphone 4s.  (Neto is getting the new iphone next week, which has a better camera yeah!)
We walked around Cabbagetown (right next to Grant Park) and the houses are pretty close together.  There were a lot of other people out and hardly any cars driving on the streets. 
I didn't dress up.  I know. Lame.  Like every year, I thought of some good costumes right before needing one.  Next year I will get it together I swear.  I didn't like Ernesto's mask.  It is a redneck clown, right?  I did make me [and others] laugh though and that is always good.  
Halloween morning Ernesto introduced the redneck clown to Mateo.  Good stuff.
Candy basket has been hidden and luckily Mateo hasn't missed it.  Ernesto, Brrrian and I have picked out all the good stuff.  Mateo has been extra CRAZY the last few days.  Can a couple chocolate bars be the culprit?  I don't really think so, but dont want to chance it.  

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