Saturday, November 17, 2007

Back to Mumbai for Habitat Closing Dinner

It was finally a chance to see eachother cleaned up, dressed up even. Nameeta helped plan our final dinner in Mumbai Friday night at a wonderful restaurant called Kybhar. Everyone was out shopping the whole day after we left Rivergate and checked into the MUCH MORE GLAMOROUS Hilton on Marine Drive. We were on the 19th floor overlooking the ocean, it was awesome! Nameeta came over and the 3 girls got ready together. Trust me, even though I have worn a sari 3 times now, it is a PROCESS and I just couldn't wrap it myself.
Above: Nami, Smita, Andy and me pose for the camera!

Since everyone had been out shopping that day, there was a lot of Indian flare with the dressing... But because there was only about 4 of us that wore Sari's we were the center of attention and kept getting asked to pose for pictures. Nameeta brought me mine, knowing I would LOVE the turquoise color. I felt like a movie star! Bollywood here I come!
Below, my "team" takes a foto. Tina (second from right) was our team leader and was absolutely the best! Very inspiring! She is so active I loved talking to her...she's very into cycling which I want to do more of....she even climbed Mt. Everest!! WOW! She lives in Park City Utah and invited us out there to stay and ski this winter.....ah YES...I'll be there!

After dinner, a bunch of us had drinks in the Hilton Lounge and talked about what a great time we had!

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