Tuesday, February 21, 2012

San Diego Part III: We're Still Here

Well... we were going to leave Monday but since our flights didn't look that open [probably due to the holiday weekend] we opted to chill out for a couple more days to avoid any unnecessary stress. 
 That's how we roll.  Stress free!
We have had such a wonderful time here with family.  Mateo was 5 months old yesterday.  I can't believe how much he is changing.
 Besides getting cuter everyday, in the weeks we have been in San Diego we have seen the following:
1.  He is scooting (ie.  crawling without being on his knees)
2.  He started reaching for us.  (sooooooooo cute!)
3.  We are pretty sure he is teething already.
4.  He started making this "mmm mmm" whining noise when he is bored and wants to be picked up.
5.  This morning he held his bottle all by himself! [and he hadn't had one in 5 weeks]
6.  He rolled while swaddled. (uh oh)
We are heading home tomorrow and are excited to finish Mateo's nursery. He will start sleeping in his crib and I may even start using those cloth diapers I bought:)  Check out more San Diego pics here .

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