Monday, February 06, 2012

San Diego Part 1: Family, Football and Fish Tacos

Yep! That is how the Espinoza's do it! No pizza or chicken wings for the Superbowl.  We started off with homemade shrimp cocktails followed by fish tacos.  (Also on the menu were spicy marlin tacos and papas in chili sauce)
The whole familia was at the house for the game. 
{la Familia Espinoza}
We arrived San Diego Friday morning without a hitch.   Mateo was a model traveler, sleeping the whole 4 hour flight.  We had a rough first night, I imagine due to the 3 hour time change, but the next night we were back to sleeping through to 6am.   He's a flexible little guy.  A Mexi-CAN.
{our blue-eyed beauty with his tata}
The weather is perfect out here and makes me forget that it is February.   I think we will stay a while. 

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