Monday, February 13, 2012

San Diego Part III: A Little Shopping

When I was pregnant and still didn't know the sex of the baby I kept hoping I would have girl.
1.  I liked more girl names than boys

2.  I thought dressing a little boy wouldn't be that fun.

Boy, was I mistaken.  I was surprised that once Mateo was born, I was able to find such cute clothes for him.    My two favorite stores, Target and TJMaxx have a great selection.  I usually buy at least one outfit every time I go.  These are from my latest spree:
Not that my little papasito needs clothes to look cute....I mean really...come on
{notice his cute bubble butt}
Could he be any cuter?  Oh those cheeks (all 4 of them) make me crazy!
The lobster outfit is a swim suit and came with a matching sunhat.  So cute!  As you can tell, I am really into stripes....and it doesn't stop with clothing.

I painted stripes on Mateo's ceiling and I will be painting stripes in my hallway when we get back from San Diego.

Another kick I am on [along with everyone else] is chevron.  When mi suegra and I were at TJMaxx the other day I spotted this 6 x 9 wool rug for $99 and immediately put it in my cart.
It's funny how I will hesitate to spend $10 or $20 on something...but not question the cost of other things.  Sometimes you just know when you have to have it, right?   Nonetheless, I thought it was a pretty good deal.  I wasn't even sure where I would put it, but have since decided it will go in my bedroom.   It will look great with my newly painted campaign dresser and my West Elm Moroccan duvet.

Inspiration board coming soon!


  1. Mateo, show some modesty.

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