Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Obsessed: Boon Products

Is this not the coolest highchair? 

Boon Highchair

I knew when I first saw it that Mateo had to have it! A big thanks go out to our friends Richard & Floyd for gifting Mateo this beautiful chair!  Im really excited for him to use it!

It has great reviews for being sturdy, easy to clean, and stylish of course!  Another plus is that the adjustable height allows it to be used for a longer time.   The first Boon product I bought was this cute countertop drying rack [from Target] and I have been so happy with it. As far as clutter on the counter goes, this is something I won't have to justify to my sister.  (she's is 100% anti-clutter)
Boon Drying Rack

After that I was hooked.  I kept seeing random Boon products at TJMaxx and Marshalls at a fraction of the cost (compared to Amazon) and I now I have a whole collection of modern baby dining ware.
Boon Fluid
Boon Snack Ball
Boon Benders Utencils
Boon Plate Set
Spill Catcher Bowl
You know TJMaxx is my favorite store right? (that includes Marshalls and Homegoods too)
Do you guys shop there?  What has been your best find?

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