Sunday, September 20, 2015

Mateo Turns Four!!

My little boy is 4 today. My beautiful, energetic, loving baby Mateo.
If not for this blog, he might not remember that his mami was in the hospital and missed his birthday party. I don't think it was a huge deal for him, but it broke my heart.
This post is "my view" of his birthday, which you will see was kind of blury. (there will be another post with the REAL pictures later this week) No the pictures didn't turn out great, but I was involved as much as possible, thanks to FaceTime...
...Starting with my 715 am wake up call. We sang happy birthday and Ernesto followed him down the stairs with the phone so I could see everything.
He was very excited when he saw this.
He got right to tearing open the box as I took pictures through Facetime. (not very good ones)
Oooh mami! A Hot Wheels racetrack!
I even "sat with them" in the living room while papi helped put it together.
I felt like I was there. The kids were talking to me like they couldn't tell the differrence "watch mami, watch."
A couple hours later and I got to kiss and hug the birthday boy because everyone came for a bedside "pre-party."
My wonderful nurse Eileen (who is coincedentally a wonderful singer as well) sang to Mateo and joined in the party.
Lego and Legos and more Legos!
I popped in for a few swings of the pinata at the party...
and joined in for singing and candles.
Mateo had a great birthday party and was very happy when I spoke with him at the end of the day...and that made me happy. Ernesto did a great jobthrowing together this special day for our special boy. More details and REAL pictures coming soon!!

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