Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Mateo's 4th Birthday Party

Well, Mateo's party was a success...and although I missed it, between a couple friends, it was all captured on camera. (Thanks Smita and Carolyn!)
I've always known Ernesto is a good party host, so I wasn't worried about him making it special for Mateo. I think he ran around town that morning getting it together (in true Nester style), but in the end he had all the details covered. Luckily my parents were there to help out, but more importantly be there for Mateo. He loves his grandparents!
The birthday boy requested a Paw Patrol party. Paw patrol is a cute little cartoon on Nick jr. where 6 pups help someone in trouble and always save the day.
I didn't have a plan for food, cake, piñata before going to the hospital. However, I did order this cute invitation from this etsy shop.
Ernesto went to Party City and ended up finding a whole slew of Paw Patrol decor, including the piñata.
He ordered pizza and bought an ice cream cake. Ernesto told me this is the easy way to throw a kids party and Mateo was excited to say the least. (Hmm...maybe I need to take a few lessons)
Everything looked great....just how a little four year old would like!
The kids kept themselves busy. Mateo's new Hot Wheels racetrack was a hit.
When it was time to sing I was there via Facetime - gotta love technology!
Per the usual piñata rules, the birthday boy went first, and everyone lined up for their turn.
It held out just long enough for everyone to get a turn. The candy went flying and the kids scrambled.
From what I heard, everyone had a great time at the party. (the proof is in the pictures!) I know the birthday boy did, because he went on and on about it, telling me all the details. I love this boy so much!
Thanks so all our friends and family who made this birthday a special one! I know I will never forget it, and I hope it is the only one I ever have to miss!
Although I was not able to get it done for his birthday (which was my plan) I have an "Interview with a Four Year Old" in the works and I will be sharing it soon.

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  1. Your son is really cute and I loved the invitation idea you have shared here. I also had organized a birthday party for my daughter at Chicago venues. It was a great party and she loved the presents received.


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