Saturday, September 19, 2015

Pregnancy Update...Updated! (33 Weeks)

Well, guys, I think it's safe to say that I may have hit "post" to soon on my pregnancy update the other day. Week 33 had two more more days in it and I should've waited before stating everything was fine. Everything is NOT exactly fine.
Yep, I'm in the hospital again.
When I left the hospital last week, my amniotic fluid levels were at 7. Within the normal range but just barely. (Definitely on the low side.) However, because the baby was totally fine, the dr. just said to come back in one week and we will check it again. That appointment would have been Friday morning.
My parents were flying in Thursday afternoon for Mateo's birthday weekend. It was 5pm and I was getting ready to go pick them up when I had another little gush of blood. UGH! So instead of driving over to Marta to pick them up, I grabbed my ipad/charger, kissed everyone and was out the door. I was in a hospital room in Atlanta Medical Center by 5:30p.
After an ultrasound, they determinded my fluids were at 4.8. The baby was perfectly fine and passed all the tests. The midwife checked my cervix and I am dialated to 1cm. (not uncommon I guess) The bleeding was minimal, and didn't continue, so it was pretty much credited to sex the night before. (sorry TMI)
But because I had low amniotic fluid, the Dr. orders were to stay overnight for baby monitoring and IV drip. Oh and also drink as much water as you can! In 24 hours we would do another ultrasound to see if fluids had increased.

"Oligohydramnios is the condition of having too little amniotic fluid. If the amniotic fluid index (AFI) shows a fluid level of less than 5 centimeters, the absence of a fluid pocket 2-3 cm in depth, or a fluid volume of less than 500mL at 32-36 weeks gestation, then a diagnosis of oligohydramnios would be suspected."
I relaxed all day yesterday and read to the end of the internet. It was quite nice actually. (several blog posts coming as well!) But! You know how you can read too much when diagnosing yourself? It can go beyond educating yourself, and move into scaring yourself shiltless. I had to stop reading about low fluids and delivering premature babies (one possible outcome if fluids are not brought up) and read fun blogs!
The next ultrasound (24hours later) was Friday evening, and the results sent me into hysterics.
Baby still passing all tests, but my fluid actually went down almost one point to 3.9.
How? How was that possible when drank probably 5 gallons of water and had a contant IV?
It was then that I realized I was probably going to miss Mateo's birthday on Sunday (and a great school rummage sale Saturday morning) and I could not stop crying. Ernesto brought the boys by (and my parents) and I held it together. Mateo cried when he was leaving and hugging me. "please come home mami" and I cried along with him.
My doctor said my fluids need to reach 7 before I can go home. Once I resolved to the fact I might be here a few days, I felt a lot better. But missing Mateo's birthday? I feel so horrible. I hope he will understand...I think he will at least be distracted by all the fun where he will forget Im not there.
Today (Saturday) I relaxed again reading all of the internet, watching a couple movies and blogging some more. This "bed rest" order could be a lot worse. Having no responsibilities besides drinking water is pretty crazy. Sleeping whenever you want is pretty awesome. I don't think it would be possible to be on bed rest at home, and from what I have read, that is what a lot of woman are ordered to do with low fluids. I will take advantage of all the papmpering here at the hospital and hope that it is enough to get me back to my "normal" life. (with some modifications of course) I know that I don't give myself any slack for being pregnant. I have always felt good, so I never did anything differently. I need to take it easy and this was my wake up call.
I have a constant monitor on my stomach to measure baby's movement and heart rate. This baby is happy in there...see all the movement on the chart? NOW! To keep baby in there for as long as possible!!
Last night at 6pm I went for another ultrasound and Yes! I was up 2 points to 5.9. Much better, but not enough to go home. I will for sure be missing Mateo's birthday. My next ultrasound is Monday and hopefully I will be released then! Fingers crossed. Until then I will be drinking copious amounts of water.
We are planning a Facetime wake up with one gift and then they will come to the hospital for present opening and cake. Ernesto sent me this picture after the kids were in bed and it made me so happy.
He is going to be so excited coming down to this...he probably won't even notice the Christmas wrapping paper. LOL
Party will still go on at 4pm with our friends and neighbors. Ernesto is the master planner of this party, and I can't wait to see what he pulls together.
Today, I heard a baby girl being born in the room right next to me. It was so amazing. It makes me really excited to have my little baby....I just hope this little mexi-can can continue cooking in my belly until it is "full-term" (37-40 weeks).

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  1. Gosh darn it- posted a long msg and lost it. Anywho- text me if you're bored and want bedrest anti-boredom ideas (4:3071414) ;). Much love to you all!


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