Monday, September 28, 2015

Baby #3 - 34 WEEK Update

Well guys, I was finally released from the hospital last Tuesday morning (after 5 days). My amniotic fluid had gone above 7 and that was the minimum to go home. (i was 7.3)
My boys picked me up and we went straight to Decatur for lunch at Taqueria del Sol and some time at the 'toy playground.' We were happy to be together again. Boy did I miss these guys.
After laying in a hospital bed for 5 days, once I was up and walking around I was really aware of just how much water I had drank. I felt like my tummy was going to explode.

The next few days I relaxed as much as possible. Super Papi (his new name) even took the boys with him to fix some landscape lighting, so I wasn't home alone with them. I drank water like it was going out of style and we did fun things that were not too active. (for me) The boys flew a kite at Piedmont Park while i relaxed on a blanket. #fakesleepers
I wish I could say I was relieved to be home, but I was pretty worried. Especially that first night home, I didn't sleep good at all. In fact, at 4am I was sitting up in bed scared and crying. It sucked. I felt the baby kicking around though, and was able to get a couple more hours of sleep and felt better in the morning. Sleep always makes things better.
Being at the hospital was reassuring. I was hooked up to a monitor so baby's heartbeat was constantly heard. Regular ultrasounds were given, so I knew that if something was going to change quickly, at least I was in the right spot to get help!
Before I went to the hospital, I was very unobservant of how my belly felt, the baby's movements and any tightness I was feeling, but all of a sudden I was super observant and felt so much....was this new? I didn't know if it was normal or not because I couldn't remember if that's how I felt the week before. ugh!
My follow up appointment was Friday at Atlanta Perinatal and I was anxious to hear the results.
I started crying immediately when the tech told me my fluid had gone down to 6.2 -----NOOOOOOOOO!
I sat down for a NST (non stress test) which records the baby's movement, heartbeat and contractions. It last 20 minutes and baby scored an 8 out of 8. Baby is active.
I sat down with the doctor and he recommended that I go back to the hospital for more fluids/IV. He said it was up to me though...if I wanted to go home and come back Monday to see where I was I could do that.
NO! Tell me what to can't leave that up to me. Obviously I would rather stay home, but I will do anything to keep this baby happy and cooking to term (at least 37 weeks!).
I went home and played with my babies a little bit. We all sat down for dinner together and then I packed a bag (with my own nightgown) and my boys dropped me off at......
Once I got stuck with the IV and settled in my bed, I let my family know where I was by texting this pic.
I joked with them that I'm on vacation again-not having any responsibilities besides drinking water. I am writing, reading blogs, watching tv and movies and taking naps.
Friday, Saturday, Sunday and now it's Monday and I am still sitting here...totally relaxed...and you know what? I'm bored, sick of hospital food, my butt is sore and I miss the craziness at my house. I miss my husband. I miss my babies.
We Facetime a lot. Super Papi says everything is good at home. "Don't worry our babies are just fine. Learning new ways!" He said in a text. I was scared to ask him what these "new ways" are. You never know with Crazy Nester. I know they are fine though and they do come visit. (short visits!)
Ernesto is keeping me updated with pictures.
They went to The Greek Festival over the weekend, and of course our GP Farmers Market. (they even brought me my coveted ginger-apricot scone)

They are running around outside and taking naps.
...and they are watching videos on the ipad! Papi might go crazy without this downtime. Mami understands.
SO..... I have ANOTHER ultrasound tomorrow and if my fluid is not up past the magic number 7....I will stay here for another 48 hours until my next ultrasound...and so on. I am not very optimistic because the two ultrasounds I have had while here have not shown an increase in fluid. In fact is is pretty much the same as it was Friday. (Friday 6.1, Saturday 5.8 and Sunday 5.9)
Today I am 35 weeks. At 36 weeks my doctor is comfortable delivering if needed. (providing the baby's lungs are mature enough-which they determine with an amniocentesis) However, I am not ok with that. In fact, that sounds way to scary, doesn't it? Can any women weigh in here?
My thinking is that every day counts and if baby is happy I would like to wait as long as we can.
I'll keep you guys posted!

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  1. We love the Espinozas! Cindy, you are the best mom, hang in there. The boys were great at school, as they always are. Xo


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