Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend in Asheville!

Over the weekend we made a quick trip to Asheville.  My parents were up at my brother's little cabin, and we decided we would surprise them.  (Although Ernesto started working last week, he didn't schedule any lighting jobs over the weekend.)    God, I love to surprise people.

We wanted to arrive while everyone was still drinking their coffee and lounging in pj's (that is at least 11am at our house).  We wore our pjs on the drive to make sure we could just join in.  Well, we planned to be on the road at 5am, but didn't wake up until 530am (thanks marcelo!) We were out the door by 620 and we arrived at 1030.  Ok, no one was in their pjs, but they were still drinking coffee.  They were surprised for sure.

It was nice and cool up in the mountains too.  Although Brrrian's cabin is small two bedroom, all 8 of us were comfortable.  (We are a close family!) The cabin has come a long way since we last visited in the Spring.  New hardwood floors, a new tiiiiiin roof (rusted! for you B-52's fans).  My parents had just helped them paint the main room and kitchen cabinets too.  (mint green and navy blue!) 

You can see in the photo above where the rock patio begins behind the house.  The green in between is the garden.
There is a great fire pit and you can see the fire master here re-kindling the fire from the night before.

Mateo loved exploring the woods, climbing hills and throwing sticks and bucket lids to his buddy Bruno.  Here is a crazy Mateo with Kyja...and just so you can see his calm side too, here hammock hangin' with tio Brian.
Marcelo is the king of chillin'.  He is happy anywhere, anytime. Kinda like his papi.

Because the leaves are changing this time of year, Asheville is packed with tourists.  It's nice to have family that live in great vacation spots.  Thanks again to the hosts!!

I love walking around downtown Asheville.  Have you guys been?  So much is going on.  So many cute shops.  The boys had to watch Ohio State so my mom and I snuck next door to Chocolate Fetish.  We bought dark chocolate habanero sea salt caramels. 

Mateo was loving the street performers and kept giving them dollar bills.  We did a little dancing to the bluegrass music too. Im not big on Country music, but there is something about bluegrass that I love. 

These guys were awesome, and pulled a big crowd of spectators.  I mean, look at that base they made out of a aluminum wash tub! It sounded good too.
Overall a short, but sweet getaway.
We left at 7pm (ie: mimi time) and both boys were out for the 3.5 hour trip.  Que bueno!

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