Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Adjusting...Because 'Tis the Season!'

The work boots are out!
Monday marked the first day of our Christmas lighting season.  What?? Where did the year go? How could 9 months fly by so quickly?   I know the next 3 months are going to go even faster.

Being home alone with two kids is going to take some getting used to.  I mean Ernesto golfs a couple days a week, and I am just fine at home, but 2 months straight as a single parent?!  No es bueno.

Silence.  Not even one "Aww, that's going to be tough Cindy." ??

But...but...he won't even be home on weekends.  He won't be there to cook dinner, he won't be able to help with laundry and most nights he will not be home to help with bedtime.  (I know some of you stay at home mom's know what I'm feeling)  Every night Ernesto will fall asleep on the couch by 9pm. We are going to miss him dearly.
Come on, just a little empathy?

With this new arrangement, I may pull my hair out.  Or I may just develop a new routine.  Now there is a novel idea.  Don't get me wrong, we have a routine.  But it works better with both parents.  It will need to change a little.  Im not military about times (contrary to what my husband thinks) but we keep a good schedule.

Give or take 30 minutes, here is what stays the same daily.
Wake-up 630-7
Breakfast 8-9
Lunch 1130-1230
Nap 1p
Dinner 530-630
Bed 7p
(Times vary if we are out and about.  Mateo is a reliable car and stroller sleeper, so sometimes he snoozes on the go.  Marcelo is not on a schedule yet, but he continues to be a great sleeper anytime.)

The toughest part [for me] with being alone is nap time.  If Marcelo is awake, I have to leave him downstairs while I put Mateo down.
Here is how that goes:
 I read 3 books.  Plus "uno mas" book (roughly 3 times).  Then he has to wind the mobile music, pull the elephant tail for music, make sure all of his trucks and books are in the bed, and turn out the light.  I lay him down and then I have to cover his feet with the dog blanket and the hippo blanket. By this time the mobile needs to be cranked again and the elephant too.  "I love you" "shhhhhhhh"...and I walk out.

This sounds like a long process, but I can usually be out the door in 10-15 minutes.  Marcelo always gives a 10 minute grace period before he actually cries.  He will whine and fuss for a while to let you know it's coming, and I catch it before a full-on cry almost every time.  Almost.

If I hear Marcelo crying I leave Mateo quickly, which only makes him cry. Ugh!

He's been through a lot of changes in the last 3 months, and I must say he has adjusted pretty well.  A couple slaps here and there to his new hermano (and me too!) but mostly kisses.

And since Marcelo is all over me, Mateo has been all over his papi.   (His latest word is chi-chi's by the way) They are best buddies.  He is really going to miss his papi when he is gone everyday.  But he'll be there to wave adios every morning.
And on the porch [most] nights to welcome him home.  The highlight of both of our days.

ps. Yes, Mateo is naked.  We are potty training at Casa Espinoza.  Not hard core, but giving it a try.  One pee-pee in the potty and 2 on the floor. Not bad. Not good either. This could take some time.

**You may have already seen these pics on Facebook/Instagram but I have deemed them worthy of re-posting.

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