Friday, October 04, 2013

Blog Loving...Changes Are Coming!

Is anyone out there still reading?  My blogging schedule has been horrible, I know.
Super Dad just left with the boys looking something like this:
He said he'll be gone for 2 hours so I could do whatever I want.  Here I am.  Sweet right?
Maybe I should mention that he is going golfing at 1p.  Oh well, no matter.  I still have two hours to myself. Yipee!
I have so much to share with you.
So many posts have been started and never finished.

Some of the posts I have drafted and are close to completion?

Marcelo's Birth Story
Yard Saleing: Last Weeks Finds
Our New (not anymore) Shed!
Los Hermanos
Selecting Art and Creating a Gallery Wall
Master Bath Reveal  (completed back in March! Ugh!)
Nursery Reveal  (I never showed you everything and Mateo is TWO!)
Entering the World of Childhood Discipline
Dining Chair Saga
Paint Colors in Casa Espinoza
The Search for Navy Paint
Cloth Diapering
Selling on Craigslist
Papi and Son
House Tour

**These will be linked up as they are published [in the near future].

Must focus in.  Must buckle down.  Must hit "publish" more often!

All of this plus VivaCindy is in need of a major makeover!  (more to come on this!)

I have been blogging so long that it is killing me to not have things documented.
Yet the time...where does it go?
Oh yeah...the culprits.  The suckers of time.  Also the loves of my life.
It's all about time management, right fellow Mom's out there?  I have an easy baby too.  I can do this!

We are about to get rolling with the Christmas Light business, so it is only going to get harder.
Nap time will soon be sucked up with phone calls, writing estimates and working emails.
Wah. Wah.

I have set a few parameters to help me though.
#1 No reading of other peoples blogs unless I am nursing (I use Feedly app to read blogs on my phone) or on a "bathroom break" (Whatever! You do it too!)  Ok, that's it.  One parameter.  Starting today. This should do it.

On a side note: I will also cut down the number of blogs I check.  The two that I can't live without [and that you should definitely read] are:  Little Green Notebook and Style by Emily Henderson.  These two girls have serious decorating/DIY skills and I am jealous inspired after every visit.

By Monday you should see progress over here.
Thanks for sticking around.
Speak up once in a while.  Leave a comment. On the blog.  I'd love to know who's out there.
Happy Friday!

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  1. still reading! those kiddos are some of the most adorable time-suckers i've ever seen though ;o)


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