Friday, October 25, 2013

Spanish Pre-School for Mateo!

Mateo is growing too fast.  He just started pre-school. What?!  I know...How can it be?

We weren't going to enroll him this year, but thought better of it after seeing him play with his cousins who are better at sharing and picking up after themselves.  Ha! No seriously.  Obviously it will be great for Mateo and it will be good for us too. Especially now with the xmas lighting season.

The Language Garden was recommended to us by our friends Aileen & Jay who just moved to India. She thought maybe we could get theirs son Enzo's spot at the school when they left Atlanta.   (Remember we  visited their beautiful house in Mexico back in 2009? )

We were on a wait list for him to start in September, but never got called.  Then a couple weeks ago I got an email saying there was an opening so I signed him up without even visiting the school.  
You see, Aileen is more of a researcher than I am, and I respect her opinions.  So when she told me how wonderful the school was and that it was really benefiting Enzo (also a crazy-boy like Mateo), I was sold.

(On side note: I also did not research our neighborhood before buying our house, but I figured since Aileen bought here a few months before us, it must be ok -ha! It was a safe bet too! I love our little barrio!)

Anyway, back to the school.  The Language Garden is a Spanish immersion school. The teachers are native Spanish speakers and the kids are spoken to/taught in Spanish.   I love how they say on their website, our "teachers don't teach Spanish, they live it."  Beautiful!  Just what I want for my little Mexi-can and exactly what I did when I was 20 in Mexico.  Hands down the best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself.  

The school is surrounded by a huge garden and they have sheep! The classrooms are cute and colorful.
Mateo will go Mondays & Fridays from 9a-1230p.  That is what was open, and we didn't really care what the days were, especially since we are in Christmas lighting season and working 7 days a week. Those 7 hours a week of free [from one child] time are really going to allow me to get some thing done.

Monday I dropped him off and he didn't want to let go, but once he was shown some trains and other toys he gave me a kiss adios and kept right on playing.  When I came to pick him up, the director was telling me he had a great time with no crying whatsoever.  A second later he spotted me from across the room and burst into tears as he ran over to hug me.  A cry of relief I think, but it only lasted a minute and then he cheerfully said adios to everyone.

On our way out I wanted to take a picture of his "first day of school" but he is not an "on demand" camera poser anymore.  Or is he?  This is the only one that wasn't blurry and he was actually looking at the camera,  Classic.

Indoors or out, this little boy is going to entertained, engaged and learning like a sponge.  It will be so exciting to see his progress. 
 Friday we took some pictures with the sheep.

Friday it was a bit harder to leave him because he cried for about 30 seconds when I left the room and had the same cry of relief when he saw me come back for him.

The teachers said he was dancing and having a good time.  One teacher validated that he understood everything she said to him [in Spanish] and that made me so happy.  We are doing some thing right.  She also said he was really good at cleaning up.  I am hoping this carries over to our house.  Please help mama clean up Mateo! Por favorrrrrrrrrr!

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