Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Los Hermanos!

Im sure that I am doing what every mother does...Comparing her kids.  Moms, you do that right? 
After 3 months, I am noticing how Marcelo is different than Mateo.  Looks and behavior wise.  

Let me start off by saying, minus the first 5 months of painful breastfeeding with Mateo, I considered him a pretty easy baby.  I mean, I was a new mother, so a bit nervous, but his signals were pretty clear.  When he cried, he was hungry, wet or tired.  He slept through the night around 3 months,  and was (and still is) able to adjust to change very easily and quickly.

Marcelo is different.  This little guy doesn't cry for days.  

So what do you think?  Do they look like brothers?
Marcelo y Mateo:  Week one
Marcelo y Mateo: Week two
Mateo y Marcelo : One month (obvs)
Here I compare their one month [photoshoot] photos and boy do they look different! 
Marcelo was already a chunk at one month.  When I took his photo, I decided I would take another pic with Marcelo wearing the same shirt that Mateo wore at one month.  It was stretched tight.  He definitely has some pounds on Mateo at that age.
Marcelo y Mateo:  One month  
Month two really shows some differences:  Mateo was still pretty tiny and Marcelo was wearing 3 month onsies and was too long for 3 month sleepers.
Mateo y Marcelo:  Month two

No matter how different these little guys are, I love them just the way they are .....
Especially right now...a calm, no trouble 3 month old and a FULLl of trouble 2 year old.

*photo taken a month ago in San Diego.

And Im so happy that they are going to be buddies. Mateo is already

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