Monday, September 02, 2013

Greetings from San Diego

Ahhh...If only we could live on this street [in Point Loma].  We have been in sunny San Diego for just over a week now and the weather has been surprisingly hot and humid.  Not like Atlanta, but unusual for here.  No one has air conditioning either, so it has been a bit uncomfortable. We are enjoying being outside anyway. Mateo is loving hanging out with his cousins Jimena and Juliana.  Juliana is 6 months older and and Jimena is 6 months younger.  The 2 older kids are very into kissing! 
So cute how she lovingly holds his cheeks.  They love playing in abuelas fountain in the back yard, watering plants, getting in and out of the wagon, throwing balls and cooling off in the pool/sprinkler.

Trying to get all the little cousins to look at the camera at the same time is nearly impossible.  Would you believe that the craziest of all the little kids was the only one who looked when I snapped this?

Little Marcelo has been snoozing a lot in this new little bouncy seat that we picked up at Target once we got here.  This was a great purchase and will be coming back to Atlanta with us.  Its easily moved from room to room, to outside and to other people's houses.   
He has also had no problems with the 3 hour time change.  He actually started sleeping even longer.  He is up to 9-10 hours straight at night! yeah!  (He started sleeping through the night at 7 weeks!)
Mateo did not adjust as smoothly.  After 5 nights of waking up at 6 or 7am...Atlanta time...he is now on track again sleeping until 630am San Diego time.  whew!

We've made it to the beach twice so far.  After seeing the OB Noodle House on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, we chose Ocean Beach to hang out so we could eat lunch there.  Good choice!  The beach is really close to parking (as opposed to the long haul at Coronado) and this makes all the difference when you have 2 kids, bags, and an umbrella.  Once you set up camp's pretty darn nice.  Oh! and the OB Noodle House was excellent.  Check it out!

[Pacific Beach Breastfeeding} 
We've had lots of carne asadas (cookouts) with family.  The biggest one at the Navarrada family reunion in Mexico a couple weeks ago.  You would not believe the amount of food.  It was there I saw the biggest bowl of guacamole in the world.   

It always feels like a vacation here.  It doesn't hurt that mis suegras have a resort-like back yard complete with posh furniture, lush tropical plants, and a gorgeous fountain surrounded by walls covered with creeping fig.  Food is all-inclusive and you never get sick of it [like at other all inclusive resorts].
Mateo is really taking advantage of the relaxed California lifestyle.  Outdoor living at it's best.
Ernestos cousins Pepe and Veronica have an awesome outdoor area with pool, hot tub, and a great view. It's perfect for hanging out and enjoying sunsets.  
Although that is not what entices us to their house.  Can you say shrimp ceviche and calamari cocktail? Ridiculous!!  Pepe is always cooking up something delicious and loves to share!  Ok, twist my arm, I'll eat it! (I guess I should mention that they are fun to be with too:)

Mateo was quite timid in the water, but after repeated teasing and persistence from his papi he is loving it.

Brace yourself....Im about to show you the cutest photo ever.
Yep, more of the kissing cousins.  Isn't this the most romantic pic? (albeit fuzzy)

Neto had to watch the first OSU football game at the Moondoggies (a sports bar in Pacific Beach where OSU fans go) Even though I am not a big sports fan, the bar had great energy.  The game started at 9am west coast time, and everyone was cheering and having a blast.
It made me want to get drunk.  wah wah:(
I had one IPA and half way into the glass - mission accomplished.  Ok, not really, but I did I feel a buzz. Ha! I am such a cheap date now.

We will probably be out here a couple more weeks, hopefully Atlanta will cool down by then.
My parents flew in Sunday night so I'll have more adventures and pictures to share...on the next post:)

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