Friday, September 06, 2013

Happy 70th Birthday Dad!

  When my mom turned 65, we made a book for her.  Each of my siblings/in laws designed a page.  Some were sappy and some were funny, but all were heartfelt.  She laughed and she cried while reading it...and so did we.  It was so special.  

A few weeks ago I was chatting with my brother Bill.  We came up with an idea for a birthday surprise for my dad.  After all, turning 70 is a big deal, right?!  I knew he was going to be in San Diego with us, so we decided we should throw together a video for him to watch there.  I volunteered to put it together.  A video producer I am not, but with imovie, it is pretty easy to  make something cool.  Plus it is really fun.  I only wish I had had more time to mess around with it.
Nonetheless, it turned out so nice.
We made my dad sit down at the table in the morning to watch his surprise.  He laughed uncontrollably and cried a lot of tears as well.  That is success in my book.  Here is the proof.

You can watch the video here.  There are some privacy settings so just email me for the password if you would like to watch.  (friends & family)

My parents have been out here in San Diego with us for the last week.  This is my dad's favorite coffee mug out here.  This just makes me laugh.  
 We've done a lot...of relaxing.  Cook outs, beach time, pool, walking in the park, playing cards, lounging in the back yard and chasing Mateo.
{playing at Pacific Beach}
Since my dad loves seafood,  we headed south of the border to Puerto Nuevo for lobster to celebrate his birthday.   We ate at Sandra's, a recommendation from Ernesto's cousin who lives in Tijuana.  It looked like my dream house from the outside.  White stucco, brick/stonework and large wood windows.  Oh and the gorgeous ficus trees outside. 
It wasn't on the water, which is why it is overlooked by most tourists, but the locals know this is where to come for the best food.  It was quite a bit more expensive than the other restaurants and since I have never had a bad lobster in Puerto Nuevo, I was skeptical of the higher prices.  

But I have two words for you.  
Snail.  Salad. 

Besides the typical menu of lobster, beans and tortillas,  Sandra's had creative dishes that aren't served at any of the other places.  This salad will be a regular item for me now whenever we go to Puerto Nuevo.  The snails were cut in thin slices, and paired with chopped tomatoes, avocado, onion and....wait for cheese.  All that tossed in a vinegar dressing.  So unexpected and sooooooo delicious!  We ordered 6 lobsters which were steamed then finished off on the grill.  The.  Bomb.
Im glad our parents like hanging out together.  Also, Ernesto and I are extremely lucky that both of us love being around our in-laws.  They are a lot of fun!

We made the obligatory stroll around the shops in Puerto Nuevo.  
I wanted a bag of fruit with lime & chile.  My dad wanted to find a hat.

I tried to convince him to get this hat...I mean when in Rome, right?
 The Mexican for a day and the Mexican for life. 

Instead my dad treated himself to a birthday fedora.  He looked so cute in it......and so did Mateo.

 Afterward we stopped up the coast at Calafia and sat outside for a few drinks and the sunset.  Perfect!
We topped the night off with an interesting wait at the border.  It took us an hour and 10 minutes.  My parents were impressed by Ernesto's mom's driving in all the crazy traffic.  Due to a lane closing, we had to fight our way over a couple lanes to the checkpoint, and people are bumper to bumper as to not let any cutters in.  We were all entertained by these characters...

tijuana border crossing entertainment from Cindy Espinoza on Vimeo.

My dad said that he had a great birthday, and I believe him.  How could he not? It was a perfect day! I love you dad! Im so glad we got to spend your birthday together! 

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