Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Adios San Diego

Adios San Diego!  After 4 weeks at mis suegras house, we hopped on a plane back to Atlanta yesterday.  Plane trip could have been a lot worse.  I mean Mateo actually slept for the last 15 minutes of the 4 hour flight.  Just imagine if he didn't sleep at all. Ha!  Seriously he wasn't bad, just restless after a couple hours, as any two year old might be.  Thank God for the ipad!  Marcelo? So easy. 

But what a great trip! Lots of quality family time, delicious food and fun in the sun! 
 Yes, this is what my husband calls playing with his son in the pool.  Do you think this looks like a safe height to throw a [n almost] 2 year old?  Me neither!
Mateo loved it though.  Mas mas.  A true dare devil.
Mateo was a little water bug and Marcelo was a snuggle bug.
This little guy is a dream come true.  He loves to cuddle with his mama...or anyone else for that matter.
We are happy to be home, but will miss everyone out in SD.  Until next time...we love you!

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