Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Even though my alarm didn't go off until 7am (when I set it for 5am) I made it to the airport [with my little Titi in tote] by 730am.  I barely squeezed on that Canton flight too.  Thank God there was a mother-daughter pair flying standby that was not willing to split. Delta called my name for the one seat that was open and I quickly boarded.  Titi was a good little kitty and only cried for a minute.
Home for Christmas with only one small mishap...... my phone was still plugged in charging at gate D36 in Atlanta. Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!
Delta in Canton tried calling the gate in Atlanta, but there was no answer.  Hmm what about my old friends at the Crown Room [now Sky Club]?  Luckily someone I used to work with answered the phone and walked from C to D concourse and found my trusty little phone still plugged in at the gate 2.5 hours later!  Just my luck right!?  Thanks to Sihaya! I think she deserves a special reward, don't you!
Ernesto is flying in tonight or tomorrow morning.   In the mean time, I am having a great time hanging with the familia and watching Titi jump in the snow!  
The fun has just begun too!
Im looking forward to seeing my niece Eleanor (cheeker-cheekers) and the rest of the Wooster clan later today, a fancy-shmancy cocktail party at Bill and Barbie's tomorrow night, and then not leaving the house all day on Christmas.  Arnold family fun!  We will miss Brrrian and Tim's family this year:(

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  1. nice work! ti-ti looks good in the snow, I bet he LOVED it! Have fun!!


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