Friday, December 24, 2010


Yes, that is little Titi up high in my mom's Christmas tree!   He is quite a climber!
 We have system for getting him down.  It's called "squirty-squirt."
It is freezing up here and the ground is covered with snow...ahhh another reliably white Ohio Christmas.   Baking is a huge part of the Arnold Christmas.  My mom and Kelli whipped up the traditional Wellman bread while I made the Lepeny. (both recipes coming soon) 
After lounging in my pajamas and robe all day, I was happy to get a little dressed up for the 1st annual Arnold Christmas cocktail party
Hosted by the hostess with the most(est) Barbie Arnold.  She and Bill throw great parties with all the bells and whistles, and are still able to mingle and have a great time. 
Drinks and hors devours kept us happy for hours.  (my favorite was the chocolate covered bacon! OMG!)  It was a festive evening of martinis and laughter!
Unfortunately, we are missing 2 siblings this year for Christmas (we miss you Brrrian and Tim) but Bill, Jenny and I represented!!

The star of the party (and any other get together in the last 16 months) was little "Cheeker Cheekers" who is looking cuter than ever.  She is walking and saying a few words now.  One of which is my kitties name, Titi!
A proud grandpa with his 2 granddaughters      
Well it's Christmas Eve and Ernesto went out for some last minute shopping (as usual).  I stayed in my robe all day and finally got dressed to sit down to a beautiful holiday dinner of mushroom soup, fish [and a new edition this year] Mexican tamales.  
**this recipe coming soon as well!  They turned out delicious!

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