Sunday, December 12, 2010

O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum

These days, my sweet little Saab is letting me down.  Gone are the days of the top down and my hair blowing the wind, loud music playing. (Well, yes, it is freezing now anyway) But back in June of this year, my top broke.  Infact even after the repairman used a computer to manually close the top, my car does not think it is closed, so it beeps at me every time I step on the gas peddle.  Nice. Also of note,   the roof leaks, the radio doesn't work,  and every so often I will hear a noise that starts as a low hum and gradually gets louder.   It doesn't sound good, so I just turn my shuffy shuff [ipod] up louder.  haha
Oh! One other thing, I scraped the passenger door on a metal post at the gas station.  (little dent)

Ernesto says its time for a new vehicle.  I say, I love my Saaby Saab.  It's a convertible! And it's paid for.  And look how cute it looks hauling our Christmas tree. 
As the title might indicate,  our tree is the subject of this post, not my old car.   O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum, your branches green delight us!  I had this romantic idea that  we would go to a Christmas tree farm this year and cut down our own tree.  But right after Thanksgiving, calls were pouring in for Christmas lights and there was no time for this little adventure.   While at Home Depot one day, I checked out there tree selection and was happy to see they were selling Noble Firs.  (new this year the associate informed me)  We had always ended up with a Frasier or Douglas,  but the Noble is prettier, IMO.  The shape is perfect.  I love that it has enough space in between branches to place bigger ornaments. 
There is just enough room for a kitty to perch too.  We have gone though quite a bit of water in our spray bottle trying to keep little Titi out of the Christmas tree, but those all those birds and shiny ornaments are way too tempting for him. 
I broke out all of our xmas decor from storage and added in my new obsession, these glass ornaments from India.  (My collection has since grown to 18 after a few stops to TJMaxx this week) 
Ernesto had just enough energy after working all day last Sunday to place the lights on our tree.  He always puts a lot [of colored and white] lights and it looks so good.  What can I say, he is a pro!
I love how he uses both mini lights and bigger C-7.  Years ago Neto convinced me that colored lights were the way to go on our tree and I will never turn back.  It is magical.
We have had Christmas music streaming through Pandora for one week straight.  I don't think I will ever grow tired of it.  Happiness is the word that comes to mind.  We get up at 6am and it starts.  No lights on in the apartment, just the soft glow of our tree. Is there anything better than sitting in your living room with candles lit and the Christmas tree aglow?  I love love love Christmas time!

Are you guys all decorated?  Do you feel a sense of happiness when Christmas nears?   I haven't been to Ohio since August, so I can't wait to get there and celebrate with my family.  I can't wait for a white Christmas, the Wellman traditions, and spending quality time sitting around the kitchen table laughing.  Oh hell.....Nothing compares to Christmas with the Arnolds.

Oh, and the presents!  The presents are always fun too!


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