Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!  Did you guys have a nice weekend?  We sure did. We arrived back from NY on Friday evening.  Our friends Roman and Tanya got married on a huge sail boat off Long Island.  I haven't blogged it yet because Im still waiting for my camera to arrive (I forgot it there).  We were pretty worn out so this weekend consisted of cooking, eating, relaxing, jewelry making and craigslist surfing.
My search? couch and kitty.  Im still convincing Neto for the kitty, but I did find this!
This antique couch was listed on CL for on $50.  I know this is far from the mid-century modern style I have been hunting for, but there is something about it that I love.  It has rich wood carved frame (I would guess mahogany) and fluffy down feather cushions.  Ok, it needs some major work.  There are a couple springs busting out and the fabric, although beautiful, is terribly worn.  My whole idea was to reupholster it anyway.  I called my mom before I purchased to ask if she would "help me" with this project as my birthday present...and she said yes!  I tried to get the lady to sell that gorgeous rug too, but she wouldn't.

Now the fun begins where I start search for fabric to make this a masterpiece! Howell Mill shops here I come!  I also have plans to paint and reupholster my dining room chairs. I am thinking a white lacquer paint with a graphic print for a more modern look.

Other goings-on this weekend:
- shopped at Morningside farmers market
- ate paninis with cafe americanos at Alon's Bakery
- country rib cook-off between Smita and Neto  (he made Chilean ribs and she made Hawaiian ribs)
- cooked and devoured this basil-Italian sausage lasagna
- found a Michael Kors skirt at Marshalls for only $7
- ate dinner at a friends house- he made this Venetian shrimp and scallop recipe - DELISH!
- watched the movie Shutter Island with Leonardo DiCaprio - freaky but good
- made 5 pairs of earrings and one necklace for upcoming Zafiro shows
- tried to run in the middle of the day and after 15 minutes had to walk...TOO HOT
- opened my homemade pickled peppers and vow to make more! They are so tasty!

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