Monday, August 30, 2010

August in Asheville

Wow!  We just arrived back to Atlanta today from our last summer trip.  I'll say it again, I love Asheville!  What a cool town! When Ernesto and I visited my brother Brrrian in January, our weekend trip spontaneously turned into a week.  This time, my sister Jenny and her family drove from Ohio and we had a blast...5 of us sleeping in the living room - good thing we are a close family!  I love my brothers place, it's a true artist space with so much to discover.  The weather was perfect!  No humidity and cool evenings.  We were very active (to the point of pain even) and I loved it!  Lots of laughing and sarcasm, a true Arnold get together.

Here are some of the highlights of the trip:
- Listened to live music at Goombay Festival in Pack's Park, and dance dance danced!
- Ate jerk chicken at Nine Mile, a Jamaican restaurant
- Drank brews at the new Pack's Tavern
- Hiking in Montreat - Lookout Mountain
- Cooking out and enjoying Brrrian's big front porch
- Drove to Gorges State Park for hike, swim and a slide down waterfall
- worked out: 400 meters of walking lunges [and bitched about being sore for 3 days, haha]
- Met Amber, the girl Brrrian is dating. Very cool.
- Walked around all the cool downtown shops
- Drank IPA's at the Lab
- Dinner at a Japanese steakhouse downtown [I forget the name, bad girl!]

I took so many pictures that I decided a video recap was in order, I hope you enjoy!!

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  1. Oh, how wonderful!!!
    I had such a great time. I'm glad everyone was able to visit and enjoy my modest accommodations at the Bropen. We should do it again sometime.


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