Friday, May 28, 2010

Saturday Morning Surfing

I want a new couch!  I hate the big clunky one we have now.  We purchased it on Craigslist quickly out of necessity when we moved back to Atlanta last October.  I don't know about you, but I think Craigslist is the coolest website ever!  I go to it daily just to see what kind of deal I may find here in Atlanta.  This morning I should be on my way to my parents in Ohio but I think with all the rain yesterday the flights are bad today.  Instead for the past hour I have searched Craigslist Akron-Canton and found some interesting stuff.  I have these grand ideas of all the reupholstery projects I can do with this great furniture that I buy cheaply.  Although I don't have much of it, I am very into vintage and mid-century modern, and there is no shortage of it once you start searching.

How about a pair of these 1970's green chairs?  $60 for both.  I can see these in my office [that I don't have yet].  LOVE.

I am loving this green couch too .....not as cheap at $500, but so cool.  I know it is a little conserative for my style, but mixed with some of my other eclectic pieces, I think it would look great.  What is the name of this style? anyone....anyone?  For some reason I keep thinking "chesterfield."

These Danish chairs are awesome and a steal at $150 for the pair.  I could resell these for double.  I would like them for my large living room [that I don't have].  Of course I would change the fabric.

Besides furniture, for the last week, I have been searching Atlanta Craigslist for a kitten.  Even though Neto is not a pet person, I made him choose between a parrot and a cat.  He picked a cat. (I will have a bird someday too)  I thinkI would like a black and grey tabby.  I think I would name him ....Rare rare.


  1. you'll name it rare rare? que sorpresa!

  2. Great Cindy! I like your Craigslist finds! CAT! CAT!! :)

  3. Nice...not my color though...but nonetheless good deal!


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