Friday, May 14, 2010

A Bit of Shopping at the Americas Mart

I have received several comments lately from my regular readers here at Viva Cindy.  You have noticed that my posts have slowed a bit in the last month.  My friends, being a working girl has its down side.  This was my 4th week working for the US Census.  I have been really busy, and I have overcome many new challenges in this position as a Crew Leader.  For example, this was the first time I have taught a class or been been a supervisor to one, let alone 16 people.   It is as if I am on call due to all of the last minute changes that need to be addressed.  Also, my time management skills are really being tested.  Good thing I don't have any other obligations right now. ha!  Unfortunately, I have not balanced how to be really busy with work and also do my workouts.  I have really been slacking. Oh well, a few weeks rest never killed anyone!  (last two "fit fridays" were not posted and today all I can report is that I took one 45 min run/walk  run on the Freedom Trail )  

Of course the up side is that I have some extra cash to spend as I please.  Add to that a successful jewelry show last weekend in Roswell =  trip to the America's Mart.  My friend Livini  and I made a stop at my favorite store, Kona Imports where my friend Arif is always so good to me.  I have been his customer about 4 years now.  He always has a great selection, and although it takes me way too long to decide what Im going to buy, I always walk away with a beautiful stash.   
Today I was feeling all of the blues and greens (this is nothing new)  and came home with [mystic] green amethyst and iolite, aqua chalcedony and an assortment of random beads that were in a bowl.  (from left, pink topaz, yellow topaz, amethyst, labradorite, rubies, emerald, green amethyst)
I don't know if you have been into Marshalls or TjMaxx lately but I found some great jewelry storage. Check out these green leather(ish) storage boxes.  
They are lined with velvet and divided into 6.  They were only $5.99.  Have I ever told you that I love that store?

One of my customers at my show last weekend wanted a pair of ruby earrings.  She picked a style similar to another pair I had and I think they turned out so pretty.   
These are some of the prettiest rubies I have worked with.  They are a bright reddish-pink and are simple and elegant.  They are reminiscent of India with the bright gold too, don't you think?   I will mail them out to her this weekend.  I hope she is as happy with them as the photo I sent her.  If you have any ideas for a custom necklace or earrings with my new gems (or any others) just email me.

Tomorrow Zafiro will be out at the Kirkwood Spring Fling from 10am-6p.  Even though the weather is not supposed to be good, come out and visit.

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