Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pizzeria Vesuvius!

A few months ago Ernesto subscribed to ScoutMob, a website that sends emails out with discount coupons to different stores, restaurants, stores and services in your area.  Last night we were debating what to make for dinner [at 930p] when Ernesto said he had a coupon for a new pizzeria.  $15 off your bill.

Located on Edgewood Avenue, Pizzeria Vesuvius  is not what you might expect.....or where you would expect.   A red arrow light points you to the door on a block where there is not much else going on.  Although it's close to our place, I would not walk down this street at night.  We arrived at about 9:45p and although there were only 4 other occupied tables,  I immediately loved the place.   (I have to admit, sometimes I judge a restaurant by how many people are eating in it, but this was an exception.)  This space is so cool!  Our waiter informed us that they have only been open 6 months and after a few write ups are finally starting to get the business they deserve.  The old brick walls, tall ceilings gave it a lofty feel, and dark wood tables warmed the space.  

The menu was mouth watering!  As soon as I saw they had an arugula salad I ordered it, but we had a hard time choosing just one pizza.   Luckily it was no problem to do half and half.  We chose the Mauna Loa (pinapple, apple-smoked bacon, smoked ham and fresh tomato sauce) and the San Marzano (a traditional margherita).  
They also had a nice list of beers on tap.  A Sierra Nevada for me and Sweetwater 420 for Ernesto passed the time until we were served.    When the pizza came out, our waiter apologized for the wait (which we hadn't even thought about).  We noticed it was not what we ordered, but dug in anyway.  It looked we aren't "sender-backers".   The Mazama (mushroom, feta, onion, spinach, roasted garlic and red chili) that was sent by mistake was delicious.  We were both into our second piece when the waiter brought us another [large] pizza with an apology for the mix up.

At the end of our dinner, the waiter placed our check on the table with no pizza charge!?  We couldn't believe it! Needless to say, we did not need to use our $15 off coupon as our bill was only $17!   We walked out with a satisfied stomach and the next days' breakfast and lunch, and plans to return!

This place is a repeater!

I am recommending you go to Vesuvious for the following reasons:
1.  The food was delicious and creative.
2.  The service is friendly and personal.
3.  The prices are reasonable.
3.  The space is beautiful. period.

Check it out!

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