Monday, May 31, 2010


I have worked everyday for 5 weeks straight! I needed a break!  Since my Census work is winding down, I was able to break away for 36 hours and crash my families cookout in Ohio Saturday night.  I almost didn't make it.  Thank you Delta for giving me the last seat on the flight!  I was so excited when I finally arrived at 9pm.
Almost 20 people were out on the deck having a great time. (Hi Fred!)
Kelli was home from OSU for the weekend and brought her new cute beau, Avi.  We gave him a good intro to "hanging with the Arnold clan."  We'll see if comes around again.  ha!

Besides being a holiday weekend, Ernesto had been in Ohio since Wednesday helping my dad with his big roofing project.  He had hail damage about one year ago and thought it would be nice to pay Ernesto and my brother Bill [with the insurance money] to put on a new roof.  A huge job! 
"I don't know how I get myself into these things."  ~paul arnold

Bill looked like Goofy with his hat, but at least he was protected.  It was 85 with the sun beating on the black shingles, a great way to get a sunburn.

In the meantime, the girls were taking a leisurely stroll on a shaded path.
Look at my little cheeker-cheekers.  She is just too cute.  She is growing so fast. She recently started crawling and waves hello.  Her little outfit was my favorite.  Her shirt says "Miss America" in sequins.   It would be so fun to dress a little girl.  She needs a little cousin, right?  Come on, Brrrrian!

My parents have been in their house now for almost 10 years.  Their backyard is like a botanical garden. My dad keeps the grass green and lush, and my mom's garden is the nicest I have seen. 
There was so much blooming and seeing it makes me want a garden so bad.  Sometimes I will think that we could live in a loft or condo, but no! No, I need a garden.  

A few of my favorites in bloom:

{bleeding heart}


We arrived back in Atlanta this morning to grey skies and rain, but sometimes you need a lazy day to watch movies and catch up on blogging!  Back to work tomorrow! Ciao amigos!

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  1. Glad you made it home in time--go Delta! Holidays can be such fun!

    XX Katie


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