Sunday, July 19, 2009


This weekend was the U.S. Sand Castle Competition  hosted every year at San Diego's Imperial Beach.

Vendors were set up for a street festival on  Seacoast Drive with food, musical entertainment, and arts & crafts.  I use the "arts& crafts"  very loosely, as I was not drawn into even one booth to have a closer look.  These    Lucha Libre masks did however warrant a photo. Not that Im a wrestling fan, but the masks look fun. 
Contestants in the castle competition were competing for $21,000 in cash by building realistic, life-size sand sculptures.  The beach was packed with spectators and general beach goers.  It was a great time.  
I captured some of the sculptures before the 2pm deadline, so most of the contestants were still working. This family sculpture had to be my favorite.  The detail was amazing.  Can you believe this?

Overall, a really cool afternoon.  Due to San Diego's no alcohol on the beaches rule we didn't stay for the announcement of the winners.  A cold beer was calling.  It was great catching up with Fred-bo, a long time friend of Ernesto.  (also the best man at our wedding)


  1. Incredible! How do they do it? Thanks for the grand tour, it must have been a blast!

  2. I still think there was an actual family underneath that sand sculpture. It was amazing but kind of freaky. -


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